3 Ideas to Create the Ultimate Shower


While everyone needs a shower to cleanse the hair, body and skin, it is also a place to think, be inspired and relax. Water tends to have that effect on many people. Besides, the shower is the one place where no one can follow. It is one of the few private moments many people get in their day. As a result, showers should look clean, inspiring and relaxing. Don’t settle for the boring, traditional shower concept. Be motivated by these ideas to think outside the box and customize a special shower and personal safe haven.

1. An Outdoor Experience

If possible, open the shower up to include the outdoors. This process may manifest itself in a number of ways. A beautiful open window is an option. Another option may involve breaking down a wall and installing glass doors. It is important to plant greenery and shrubs to maintain a sense of privacy. Though it is a very involved process, adding the outdoor elements can really heighten an indoor shower experience.

2. Built-In Compartments

A standard shower usually comes with an attached soap holder, but most people don’t just come into the shower with soap alone. Liquid soap is usually stored in large bottles. Shampoos and conditioners come in large bottles. Skin exfoliants and shave gels come in containers. There isn’t enough room for all of those items to fit in the tiny space designated for the soap. Sure, it is possible to purchase a shower caddy but they eventually get old, rusty and gross. Who wants to replace a caddy when a shower can be created with built-in compartments? Built-in compartments are so convenient and help maintain a cohesive look. Build plenty of shelving within the shower. There are plenty of other concepts to build in a shower including a shower bench and a foot holder for when a person wants to shave and needs a place to prop their feet. These are some of the conveniences a shower with built-in compartments can bring.

3. Multiple Shower Heads

Having multiple shower heads in a shower is a luxurious experience. It is a lot like getting a massage. When shower heads shoot from different angles and corners of the shower, there is no way the body can make it out with a streak of soap left. To enhance this purely decadent experience, install shower heads with adjustable pressure settings to experience massage-like sensations every morning before work.

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