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3 Tips On Better Organizing Your Closet And Utilizing The Most Space

Rubbermaid Homefree Series Closet Kit 3P40Having an organized closet can lead to a more motivated and organized lifestyle. However, many people fail to keep up with the constant responsibilities that a nice and organized closet requires. Having the right mindset and essentials will allow you to live more freely and even enjoy the process of getting dressed for an event or even a casual day.

It might seem like something simple, and perhaps even trivial, but think about those times when you have been late for work, or trying to get ready for a date, and the shirt or dress that you have been looking forward to wearing is nowhere to be found.

Smart Organizing

If you have a walk in closet, space may still be your enemy, however, with the proper essentials, shelving, and clothes organizing, you will be able to stay worry-free of any closet problems. Having a sliding closet creates one of the biggest space problems. You are limited to the amount of space but also have a tremendous amount of dead space. However, you can utilize that dead space. As clothing comes in different shapes, sizes and lengths, when they are hung in a closet, there is often dead space below that can be used but most people just use the ground below for their shoes. However, instead of having one hanging pole, make two, with a 3-5 foot gap in between.


Proper hangers, storage drawers, and shoe shelves is vital to staying organized. It is also a great way to see what you have and what you don’t. However, the biggest benefit to having the right essentials is creating more space for your clothes or even new clothes. Consider adding an extra pole in the middle to allow you to hang your jeans on the bottom, this will help utilize all hanging space.

Organize Your Clothes

Properly organizing your clothes is essential to getting the most out of your closet. If you hang your jeans, make sure they stay together, rather than in between a bunch of other clothes. Most people put all their long pants, sweats, tights, and jeans all together, however keep them separate. Your pants pile shouldn’t include all types of pants. Make a pile for jeans, a pile for sweats, and so on. Keeping them organized will eliminate the chance of them getting caught in your sliding wardrobe doors.

How An Organized Closet Can Improve Your Overall Lifestyle

Like many others aspects in life, when things are organized it helps boost an individual’s motivation and confidence. The same goes with a closet. Whether you get dressed in your bedroom or at the gym, at one point you still have to reach into your closet for the appropriate clothes. When having an unorganized and messy closet, many people tend to shop more as they don’t know where their old clothes are and for others, their closet has a bad effect on them.

Of course, a tidy and organized closet also means you can make a far better job of hiding presents and other things in there, and you’ll have a good idea if anyone has been peeking. If there is a mess, anyone could have been in there, and you wouldn’t know!

John is a contractor that specializes in remodeling and home additions. He began by working for his neighbor who specialized in closet remodels. John would handle the spacing and designs of sliding wardrobe doors.