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4 Money-Saving Ideas For An Interior Design Makeover

6014777997_0a820e920f_bJazz up your home without breaking the bank. Doing an interior design makeover does not require you to spend a small fortune. Be creative. Use inexpensive materials and some ingenuity to spruce up your home’s interior on a budget.

If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get down to work you can completely overhaul your interior without going bankrupt.

Use these 4 money-saving ideas to improve your home’s interior.

Use Fabric for Wall Art

You can cover an entire wall without having to spend a fortune buying multiple paintings. Use fabric to create a wide spreading piece of art which covers an entire wall. You can purchase $50 worth of fabric with a snappy design on it. You can cut out images and place on a large wooden frame. Or if you want to go bare bones simply post the fabric sheet as is to jazz up your living room without breaking the bank.

Buy fabric at local stores or perhaps a big box, discount retail store if you want the best deal possible. Stick with a simple but tasteful design to save money.

Build a Creative Wine Rack

Instead of plunking down serious bucks to buy a new, fancy wine rack use home improvement materials to create an intriguing addition to your home. Cut lengths of PVC pipe the proper length and circumference to fit a wine bottle inside of the pipe. You can then stack up the pipes in the shape of a pyramid to craft a visually-appealing rack. Create an inexpensive, unique way to store your wine. Dinner guests will appreciate your ingenuity via the durable, functional and handy rack.

Freshen Up with White Paint

Simply applying a fresh coat of white paint can do wonders for your interior. After months or even years of wear and tear your walls might be dirty, drab and lifeless. Pick up the mood in your home. Slap on a new coating of white paint through your house. If you feel confident painting and really want to save money make it a do it yourself project. Have plenty of newspapers handy to cover the floor. Move all large furniture out of the room to avoid staining valuable items. Applying 2 to 3 coats should do the trick if you formerly used a darker color.

Set Up a Creative Home Office

If you are working from home or do the virtual thing a few days each week build a mini home office in your bedroom. Place a desk in front of your bedroom window. Place a bookshelf beside the window to create an office corner in your room. Complement with a small halogen lamp for late night lighting. You can work away at your laptop or tablet just a few feet away from your bed while giving your bedroom a nice little makeover.  If you need filing space the book shelf is a natural storage spot.

Feel free to setup a similar office in your living room if you want to separate your  work space and sleeping space.

Kelli Cooper, writing for www.rhballard.com home décor website, enjoys writing about all things interior design.