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5 Reasons To Tackle Some Bathroom Renovations, A&A Design Build Remodeling, Master Bathroom, Washington DC, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Corner Shower, Silver Spring, Aging in PlaceTake a quick look around your bathroom… Is it as functional as you need it to be?  Does it look as nice as you’d like?

If you’re like most homeowners, your bathroom can use a little sprucing up.  But if you’re concerned that bathroom renovations will be too much for you (or your budget!) to handle, don’t worry.  In fact, there are 5 great reasons to renovate your bathroom sooner rather than later!


1.  It adds value to your home

Whether you spend a little or a lot of money renovating your bathroom, the chances are high that you’ll get most of it back.  In fact, several studies have shown that upgraded bathrooms fetch anywhere from 80-100% return on investment!  That’s because prospective homebuyers typically have two things at the top of their “needs” list — a more modern kitchen and an updated bathroom.

Because it gets so much use, your bathroom is usually the first place in your home to show its age.  So, by NOT doing some renovations, you could make your entire home look old and dingy whenever you go to sell it.  Unfortunately, buyers don’t spend top-dollar for old and dingy homes!

2.  It can lower your utility bills

Newer bathroom fixtures don’t just look great; they can actually help you save money!  Things like more efficient showerheads, high-efficiency faucet aerators, and better light fixtures are a great way to go green.  And, if you really dig deep with your bathroom renovations and spring for new insulation, you can conserve even more energy.

About half of the water you use in your entire household will be used in the bathroom.  So, if you can come up with ways to cut back on your water usage — without cutting back on comfort or aesthetics — you’ll have a bathroom that exceeds your highest expectations!

3.  It doesn’t have to be expensive

You don’t necessarily have to gut your bathroom like you see on those home improvement shows to make a dramatic change.  Instead, “little things” — like replacing that old wallpaper with a trendy paint color, buying a modern bowl sink, switching out your antique mirrors for something more modern, or even just installing newer, shinier fixtures — can be a great way to give your bathroom some pizzazz, without breaking your budget.

4.  It can make the room look bigger

Small bathroom renovations are like the “magic” of the home decorating world.  With a few creative changes, you can create the illusion that there’s a ton of space to your too-small bathroom!

For example, get rid of that giant vanity, and replace it with a pedestal sink.  That will create a ton of extra floor space that will make your bathroom look downright spacious!  Or, invest in some newer, brighter light fixtures that will make the bathroom look more airy and open.  Or, make the room look more airy the natural way — by installing a bigger window that lets in more natural light!

5.  It can make your mornings more convenient

Sick of waiting for your significant other to get out of the shower so that you can head to the toilet?  The right bathroom renovations can make your morning routine a lot more streamlined, so that you can stop being late to work!

For example, building a wall around the toilet area means that you can do your business while your sweetie stands in front of the mirror shaving.  Or, giving your shower its own room allows your significant other to take the steamiest shower he wants — without getting the rest of the bathroom too hot to do your hair or apply your makeup.

Sam Nathan is a freelance writer. His interests include finance, sports, travel and health.