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A Towel Radiator In The Kitchen? It Works For Me

You will have seen towel radiators before; you just might not have realized that they were staring you right in the face! Soft and hard

Traditionally you would find towel radiators in a bathroom in vintage style homes.  The towel radiators would be used for multiple purposes. To heat up the space of the bathroom, and to dry or heat up the towels that would be used for baths or showers.

However, today people tend to look at the multifunctional uses of items like this.  There is more than one use for towel radiators in the bathroom, and that is to incorporate towel radiators in to the kitchen area.

What Is The Benefit Of Using Towel Radiators In The Kitchen?

There are a couple of benefits to using a towel radiator in the kitchen area.  One of the main benefits is that you will be able to provide supplementary heating to the kitchen area.  When you are not using the oven, the kitchen can end up becoming a rather cold area.  The addition of towel radiators in the kitchen will be an easy solution to this problem.  Also, on top of providing heat in the kitchen area you can use the towel radiators to heat up kitchen towels for teatime if you so desire.  This is a nice touch to spending time sipping tea and relaxing.  Furthermore, towel radiators can be used to dry the towels used in the kitchen, the same way that they can be used to dry the towels used in the bathroom.

What Kind Of Towel Radiators Would Look Nice In The Kitchen

There are a variety of products that would look nice in the kitchen area.  The vintage towel radiator would complement a vintage style kitchen; however, not every kitchen is designed in that style these days.  Therefore, you can look for modernised radiators that will fit into the design of your kitchen and still complete the same amount of functionality.  This can be a great addition to any kitchen that needs supplementary heating, or the function of heating up tea towels, or drying dishtowels.

If you are looking for an interesting addition to the design of your kitchen area, then you should start to think outside the box!  While traditionally a towel radiator should be located in the bathroom, there is room for people to benefit from having that functionality in the kitchen as well. The towel radiator can help to provide heating in the kitchen area whenever it is needed, which is nice because people are not always using the oven in the kitchen area and if it is cold then it would be nice to quickly heat up that area.  This product can be used to heat up tea towels with is an elegant touch to teatime.  This product can also be used to dry dishtowels that are not ready to be washed yet.  The towel radiator solution has versatile benefits that can be used in both the bathroom and the kitchen areas of any home with any style.

Louisa Jenkins is a home improvement expert. She blogs on everything from utilizing towel radiators to the best types of tiles to pick for a new bathroom suite.