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An Engineered Wood Floor For Your Home

Many home owners choose to have an engineered wood floor installed, as opposed to laminate flooring, since it isn’t actually wood. Laminate is simply paper loaded with melamine on the top layer, and wood particles on the bottom. Engineered hard wood floors are actual wood all the way through. There are engineered hard wood floors of the same types as regular solid hardwood. Some of the different types are:

1. Oak- Buying red oak is less expensive than many of its counterparts, and provides a lovely finish to any homeRustic Living Room

2. Bamboo- Many people choose bamboo do to the fact that is good for the environment and much cheaper than other flooring types

3. Hickory- Lots of people enjoy the classic appeal of hickory that has been hand scraped

When you buy an engineered wood floor, it is often already pre finished for you. This means that the uppermost layer has been sanded and sealed, allowing you to walk on the floor as soon as it is put down. If you buy hardwood that has not been finished, you have to seal it, and wait for a while before you can walk on it. Another great thing about engineered hardwood floors, is that if you notice scratches and blemishes, you can often sand the wood and remove them. However, one must be very careful when sanding engineered hardwood, since it is very easy to mess it up.

Although there aren’t any wood flooring that does very well in places where there is high moisture, engineered hardwood floors can be applied in places where there is light moisture. The best materials for areas that get a lot of moisture are things like concrete, vinyl, or tile. Another good thing about an engineered wood floor, is that there are several different ways in which to install it. Of course, this will depend on the kind of floor you purchase, but generally they can be installed in the following ways: They can be either nailed down, glued down, or act as a floating floor without any type of fastening. Some tremendous things about buying an engineered wood floor are:

When you purchase high grade engineered wood floors, you can expect them to last for between 30-100 years.

No matter what the grade level, you can use an engineered wood floor

They are simple to install, and are much quicker than many other flooring types

Dimensionally, engineered hard wood floors offer greater stability than solid wood flooring

Buying engineered wood allows you to have a greater selection of colour, styles, and sizes

Your home’s value will actually go up when you install hardwood floors

Can be used in places where humidity is a problem

Good for the environment, in that it saves more hardwood trees

When you buy prefinished engineered hardwood, you don’t have to wait to walk on it

There are many benefits to an engineered wood floor, and purchasing a floor of good quality will allow you many years of pleasure and beauty without a lot of maintenance.

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