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Bad Odor In Your Home, Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

Soy Cleaning WipesNobody can tolerate bad odor, especially if it can be found within your own home. So, it is perfectly normal to be concerned about unpleasant odors in your home. Traditional ways of getting rid of bad odors are exhaust fans and leaving the windows open. But sometimes the odor is so strong that you cannot get rid of it so easily. So how to get rid of those kinds of smells? Try these tips:

  • Find the source and eradicate it
    Rodents have the tendency to consume poison and die beneath refrigerators or other uncommon places in your house. When you start smelling a bad odor, you know something is not right. Try to get to the source, meaning look around as much as you can until you find it. It might be a rat indeed, or it might be a clogged pipe. Whatever it is, once you find it, remove it and your problem will be solved. Use an air freshener afterwards to eliminate the residual foul odor quickly;
  • Dishwasher smell
    To remove the stink which arises out of dishwashers, take a dishwasher safe cup and fill it with white vinegar. Then place that cup on the top most rack of the dishwasher and turn the dishwasher on. Let it go for an entire cycle without any other dishes inside and stop it. After an hour of dishwasher smelling full of vinegar, all odor will go away;
  • Pet related odors
    If you have a pet at home, you most likely have a pet litter box as well, which smells bad almost all the time. To reduce the effects of the stench ruining the air all over the house, try putting activated charcoal near the litter box permanently. Pet odor activated charcoals are available at almost all pet supply shops for less than $7. They might not be able to eradicate the stink altogether, but they will surely help in suppressing it;
  • Garbage Disposal remedy
    Just because you put garbage in the garbage disposal does not mean that it should smell like garbage as well. Garbage disposals smell hideous, especially if they contain fruit remains. To eliminate this odor, cut a lemon into pieces and throw it in the running garbage disposal. If this does not solve the problem, follow it with half a cup of white synthetic vinegar mixed with cold water. That is sure to make all that stench disappear;
  • Odor remedy for your fridge
    As far as your fridge goes; there is only one well-known solution for smells: baking soda. Open up one box baking soda and place it inside your fridge. The baking soda will suck the entire odor from the fridge. However, make sure that the baking soda is nowhere near vegetables, because vegetables if placed near baking soda tend to wilt much quicker.
  • Overpowering kitchensmells remedy
    Sometimes it so happens that you cook a delicious meal for your family and that meal involves a curry, fish or some other sort of smelly food item. You and your family enjoy the meal and go to bed. The next morning you come into your kitchen and notice that the smell is still there. How to get rid of it? Simple. Boil a cup of vinegar on the stove for a while. The vapors coming from the boiling vinegar will take away all the undesirablesmells. However, you kitchen will smell strongly of vinegar for a little while so you will have to bear with that;
  • For bathrooms
    The bathroom is that one area in your home which has the highest probability of stinking up for obvious reasons. Try hanging a Glade Plug-in kind of odor remover inside all the bathrooms, they will ensure your bathroom never smells bad. Also, lighting candles inside a bathroom takes away the entire odor within seconds.

Other than all these tips, there is no harm in spraying a good quality moderate air freshener all over your house to keep it smelling refreshing and amazing. A good smelling environment encourages positive thinking and a positive attitude, which is what every family needs inside their beloved home. Just make sure the air freshener is not too strong, because too much of a good smell can have adverse affects as well. So be careful with that.

These guidelines have been written by Barbara Murray, who is a suburban housewife also working part-time as a furniture designer of a well known company like Sleepers In Seattle. She resides in Grinnell, Iowa, US, with her two sons and often writes for online forums related to home-making.