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Best Apps For Building Your New Home

FlipboardBuilding a home is a challenging task as there are many choices that you have to make every step of the way. Fortunately, you can make this process less stressful by using some apps. Here is a look at the best apps for building your new home.

This app costs $0.99 and it is for iPad. Taskboard helps you with the organization of various lists when planning and building a new home in a user-friendly and visual interface. Since building a new home requires you to have lists of things to do, punchlists and closing checklists, you will find this app very useful.

Mortgage Calculator from Quicken Loans
This is a free app for Android and Apple. It is a great app that helps potential home owners as well as agents and builders working with them. It helps in doing some essential financial calculations involved in the building of a new home.

It costs 14.99 and available for Android and Apple. This app helps you create your own blueprints. Although not a replacement for a full-blown CAD or an architect, PadCad can help you with the visualization, creation and preservation of several of your floor plan ideas on your gadget when you are attempting to consider the layout and design alternatives for your new home. The paid PadCad version is great and you should have it.

House Plans Volume 1
It costs $4.99 and it is for iPhone and iPad. This app will help you get your dream home or at the very least give you some ideas and inspiration by perusing their huge stock house plans databases.

Home Design 3D
This app for building your new home costs $6.99 and it is for iPhone and iPad. Once you have got some idea about your floor plan, you should use your gadget to generate 3D provisions of your vision as well. You can create every room in the whole house, including doors, windows, flooring and furniture, and see all of them in 3D. This app even includes outdoor spaces.

I.D. Wood
It costs $4.99 and it is for iPhone and iPad. This is among the coolest apps for building a new home and it helps users identify various woods types from all over the world. It is a great app for when setting up your new house and it presents display samples with photos, detailed information and side-by-side comparisons for over 160 different woods.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas
This is a free app and available for Android and Apple. It is a beautiful app and with it you can get many decorations, finishes, hardware, furniture and other interior design inspirations. This app is idea for when you are building a new home and when redecorating your existing one, as well.

Home Design DIY Interior Floors Layout Space Planning and House Decorating Tool
This is an essential app for layout planning and interior design. This app helps you see rooms come to life by adding furniture, laying down flooring and choosing various finish colors and fabrics. Besides, you can create custom patterns and finishes when you employ your own pictures and integrate the image as a color, pattern or fabric directly into your plan.

Stephen uses his experience working for a builder who specialises in house and land packages in Perth to compile this must have list of Apps to help with building a new home. Stephen blogs about real estate, property, home renovations and building.