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Best Vinyl Flooring Options

interiordesignBest Vinyl Flooring Options

When considering which vinyl flooring option to purchase, it’s important to think about thickness. Vinyl comes in several thickness options, each of which offers varying degrees of durability. A resilient flooring possibility, especially compared to laminate, plank vinyl flooring is made up of several layers. The top layer is the “wear” layer, which protects the layer below it, the print layer. The print layer is what gives vinyl its look, such as the look of hardwood or stone. The other two layers are the inner core and backing.

Let’s review a few of the vinyl thickness options available:


One of the thinner vinyl flooring options, 0.1mm-thick planks are very affordable. And while very thin, it’s still more durable than laminate or linoleum.

flooring-ideas3mm and 4.3mm

Vinyl plank flooring with a thickness of 3mm is celebrated as one of the most durable floor options. The same is true of 4.3mm. And while these options cost more than thinner vinyl planks, they offer much greater durability. Such flooring is subsequently ideal for high-traffic areas of your home or office, especially if children and pets are involved. Dog claws are the enemy of most flooring types, however 4.3mm vinyl floors hold up well against Fido’s daily treks through the kitchen.


If searching for a thicker vinyl flooring option, such as 4.3mm, ensure thickness includes the wear layer. Most 4.3mm options feature a wear layer that’s 0.5mm thick, which is ideal for high-traffic residential and commercial spaces. Wear layer ranges from 0.1mm to 0.5mm.

Keep in mind vinyl flooring is susceptible to cold weather and sun damage.

Find the right vinyl flooring thickness for your needs and enjoy this long-lasting, attractive, affordable option!

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