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Big Kitchens Are Popular Among UK Homeowners

KitchenIt is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is not hard to see        why. This area is where food and drinks are made and it tends to be where people  gather to chat and eat. It is no surprise therefore that many consumers are keen to  benefit from spacious kitchens.

When people are extending these rooms and making other improvements to them,  they often have limited budgets. This may mean it makes sense to fix rather than  replace their appliances. For example, instead of getting brand new washing  machines, it can make much savvier from a financial perspective to invest in  Hotpoint parts.

Highlighting the emphasis consumers place on kitchens, new research has revealed  that over a quarter of people who have made improvements to their homes did so  to create larger kitchens. A YouGov survey commissioned by house builder Avant Homes found that 26 per cent of individuals who have undertaken property enhancements did so to boost square footage in their kitchens, What Mortgage reports.

Home improvements do not come cheap it seems. The study showed that the average cost of these projects is £13,000. Meanwhile, those aged 55 and over who have made property enhancements spent an average sum of £15,000. Unsurprisingly, geographical location affected average spend too. While Londoners splashed out an average sum of £20,683 for improvements, those in Wales paid an average of £7,885.

Given that people are spending so much on making their abodes better, they may be eager to make savings where possible, and this is where Hotpoint spares and other similar parts can come in handy.

The research also found that consumers aged 35 to 44 are more likely to undertake property improvements. Among this age demographic, nearly four in five respondents (79 per cent) have engaged in these projects.

Responding to the findings, Avant Homes marketing director Rob Slocombe said: “The housing market conditions of the last few years has meant that many homeowners have not had the necessary deposit to secure a mortgage and so therefore have opted to stay in their current property and make improvements to it until they can afford to move.

“This research reveals the considerable investment that is required for such improvements and tells us a lot about what today’s buyers are looking for in a home to make it suitable for their current lifestyle needs.”

When people are on the lookout for Hotpoint washing machine spares and other similar items, they can now head online to find what they want. The web offers a quick and convenient means of stocking up on parts, which is particularly important for busy consumers who lack the time to travel to the high street or to shopping centres in order to peruse their options.

Also, there are plenty of great deals to be found in cyberspace. As long as people know where to look, they can access competitive prices. While many home improvements are costly, fixing appliances with the help of spare parts can be inexpensive.

About the author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger and household appliance user.  Find out where she gets her spare parts from by visiting BuySpares.