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Building A Dream Home

"Honey Fitz" Summer HouseWhen consumers purchase a land parcel for the purposes of building a home, it is likely they are

building a dream. As with all life dreams, building a home from the land up will take time and patience.  It also takes a great deal of organization to stay on top of exactly what is happening and what should be happening at the property. Keep notes every step of the way! Notes will not only help you track your current progress, but also plan out the next step in the process.
In general there are two approaches to the home building process. Both have their advantages and some disadvantages. When you are planning to build your next home, be sure you explore all options that are open to you!Stick Building vs. a Pre-Fabricated Home

Stick building, in this instance, does not refer to the materials used during construction, but rather the method of construction. This style is done on your land from the pouring of the foundation until the day you are handed the keys to your brand new home. One of the advantages of this style is it gives the home owner(s) a chance to see progress in the project every step of the way. It also allows for any changes to be made on the spot, rather than after the fact. One of the biggest disadvantages of this method of construction is the time it will take. Building a home, as with any job outdoors, takes time and is subject to the weather.

The other approach to home building is more recent, building a pre-fabricated home. Unlike their stick built counterparts, these homes are typically built in a temperature controlled location and then transported to the site for final preparation. The advantage of this is there is less of a chance that you will face weather related delays during the process. The disadvantage is the cost of transporting your final product.

Designing Your Dream

Once you choose the method of construction, you will need to design your dream home on paper. Contact a local architect for help, if needed. Seeing your home on paper will help you realize that your dream is taking shape.

Focus on the Details

Every inch of your future home is important to you. The details of the home will be what personalize it. For most people though the true heart of the home resonates from the sounds and smells in the kitchen. When designing your kitchen keep your budget and your taste in mind. Taste in this case being your design sense and not your taste buds.


The layout of your kitchen can be crucial in making it functional for you and your family. Make sure that you leave enough room to safely maneuver the room when you have dishes in your hands.

Choose your appliances to reflect the design you are going for. If you desire some appliances may even be built right into your cabinets to make them appear camouflaged in the space.

Keep an emergency kit on hand. Appliances break down like any other machine. Make sure that you have kit on hand including whirlpool range parts in case of an emergency.

Building your dream home will take time, but in the end it will all be worth it!

Sam gives advice on making your dream home a reality and what to consider while completing the project.