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How To Create A Unique Bedroom

Mazzali: "Emiselene" bed / il letto "Emiselene" . Bedroom areaCreating a standard looking bedroom is easy, creating a unique one however is not. Many people neglect the bedroom and feel that because they only spend the final part of their day there they don’t care. I advise wholly against this mindset, creating a unique and cool bedroom will help you in all kinds of ways.

This article will highlight the top three ways to create a unique bedroom and cite the benefits of doing this. I understand people don’t always have artistic flare or a prevalent eye for detail but it really isn’t hard. Moreover individuality doesn’t necessarily mean perfectly decorated, it can be tailored to you and your partner’s tastes and interests.

The bedroom is a blank canvas, realistically only you spend time in there so turn it into your dream room. It doesn’t matter what people think and I assure you it will help your mindset in a greatly positive way.


You have got to start thinking outside the box. Every couple has the same style bedroom, a king size bed, standard wardrobes and a boring lampshade. Innovate! Surely some of you out there have a passion for something? Or as a couple collectively really enjoy a certain style.

Transfer this to your bedroom, this is your playground and hardly anyone visits it. Decorate your bedroom in a way that complements your relationship, if you are really into music, incorporate it in your design. In addition, if you are innovative this will reverberate to the other occupants in your home.

Your children will start feeling the need to decorate and then you will create a home designed by the people living there, not what society deems acceptable to decorate your home like. Be different, you will enjoy it more and people will also respect you more for it.


Transfer your personality to your room, if you successfully do that then your room will have character and become an active part of you and your partners lives. It is the space in your house you spend the most time and it should reflect both of your tastes.

If you really like deep red as a colour, paint the walls deep red! Don’t have the same affliction as a lot of middle aged couples with the colour magnolia I really don’t understand the fascination. The master bedroom of the house should be the most masterful of all the rooms in the house; this is the king room so ensure it is decorated to fit the billing.

Invest some Money

Nothing is free in the world today so you have got to be prepared to invest some money. Decorating your bedroom is a once a year thing so spending a little extra cash isn’t really a problem. There are many companies out there that offer custom made and designed fittings, this will help convey the mood you want in your room.

Sliding wardrobes at Superglide are a great example of this, they are a family company who tailor make your wardrobe to a style that you want. Check out their website, some of the stuff is pretty impressive.

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