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Engineered Wood Floor

Flooring of a building is an important factor to design a building. Wood flooring, laminate flooring etc are the two kinds of flooring system. We can classify wood flooring into two types. One is solid wood and the other is engineered. The choice of flooring depends upon the personal interest, climates, durability, stability etc.luxury family room

Engineered wood is a widely used product. It is used due to its incredible versatility. When two or more wood plies are made connected each other then the flooring is called engineered. The term engineered here is due to use of plies, glues for bonding etc. two or more plies are connected with glues. Adhesive force acts here for proper bonding.Upper layer is known as lamella and is visible after completing flooring. Inner layer is known as cores are responsible for stability and strength. It is made up of hard wood.

Wood plies are first heated up to a certain temperature that is recommended depending upon the quality. After drying the different layers of wood plies they are mixed with glues for bonding. Wood layers used here may be of slice cut or rounded cut. Sometimes confusions may create with laminate flooring and vinyl flooring because they are look like engineered wood flooring. Laminate flooring uses a thin layer of wood and vinyl flooring uses plastic that looks like wood.

There are different grades of engineered flooring. Quality differs from man to man, brand to brand. This flooring is available in different colors different width length. It depends upon the location and size of house. If the house is located in the darker area then dark color is not supposed to be used. Bright colors are recommended in this case. Thickness, width, length depends on the size and shape of house. Narrow flooring is formal and wide flooring is country look standard.

Engineered wood flooring is generally used in tropical countries. Now-a-days it becomes the main flooring element. People chose it because of its high strength and high durability. It will survive 40 to 100 years. Where there is slightly high relative humidity wood flooring can be used there. 4% relative humidity at winter and 10% relative humidity in summer are known as slightly high relative humidity. It is used in kitchen, basements, toilets, and bathrooms etc where humidity is relatively more. Some basements may be flooded. Engineered wood flooring is not recommended there.

It can be used over concrete floor, tiles as sub floor but can not be used over carpets. In Europe, America, incredible use of engineered wood flooring is observed. There are some methods of increasing its durability. Proper sweeping, cleaning should be ensured. Normally every brand recommends some techniques to clean their floor. Users should follow their instructions. Oil soap is strictly forbidden in cleaning purpose. One can easily install an engineered wood floor according to recommended procedures. But it is better to be installed by the manufacturer. The more it can be finished the more appearance will observe.

By Nazimabee Woozeer