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Flip Your House: 5 Renovations To Get You Started

Flipping houses successfully is all about making cost-effective improvements to the property that will increase the home’s market value and lead to a quick sale. Renovations that offer the best return on an investment reflect the features that people want most when purchasing a home. Effective home improvements range from those that make the home look better to those that make the property more comfortable to live in and less costly to maintain. The following five renovation projects are recommended by realtors and consumer advocates alike as improvements sure to raise a home’s value.

1. Ensure Curb Appeal with Eye-Catching Architectural Features

When it comes to attracting homebuyers, nothing is more important than making a great first impression. Even when purchasing a century-old home, homebuyers want a property that feels new to them. Improvements that give the property a fresh appearance are necessary renovations well worth the investment. Because architectural features like windows naturally attract the eye, replacing outdated aluminum windows with energy-efficient models gives the home a cohesive, put-together appearance. Energy-efficient windows are also important to homebuyers because they offer significant annual savings on heating and cooling costs and increase the comfort of the home as well.

2. Improve Home Security with High ROI Improvements

New entry and garage doors also enhance curb appeal while improving the home’s security. They also top the list of high-value projects when it comes to ROI. A quality steel entry door installation will more than pay for itself upon resale of the home. Upscale garage doors equipped with automatic garage openers offer homebuyers good looks, added convenience and a higher level of security than their outmoded counterparts.

3. Offer Convenience with Quality Amenities

Once a home has passed the critical first-impression test, homebuyers tend to gravitate towards the kitchen. Home shoppers want well-organized kitchens equipped with quality appliances that look sleek and modern and that promise added convenience. It’s not necessary to remodel the entire kitchen. In fact, minor kitchen remodels offer a better ROI than full-scale renovations. Homebuyers look for quality amenities in the home’s bathrooms as well, particularly in the shower. Ensuring that the shower is equipped with upscale shower heads is critical when flipping a home.

4. Enhance Home Comfort with Energy-Saving Systems

Homebuyers are willing to spend more money on a home for features that offer them long-term comfort. Surveys conducted by national realtor associations have found that central air conditioning is among the most important features to homebuyers, especially in warm-weather areas. Shoppers look for energy-efficient HVAC systems that will keep their heating and cooling costs under control as well.

5. Increase Living Space Square Footage with Savvy Remodels

Homebuyers are willing to pay more for a home that makes the most out of its square footage too. Renovated basements and attics that include a bathroom are among the most popular features that buyers look for when purchasing a home. Experts agree that it’s more cost-efficient to renovate an existing space than to increase square footage with an addition.

Peter Wendt is a freelance writer and home designer living in Austin, Texas. Wendt’s main concern is to design energy efficient homes, which is possible with energy efficient windows. Wendt installs energy efficient windows with energy star ratings to insure the best home efficiency.Outdoor Room