Floral Decor

Floral DecorUsing colors and patterns inspired by flowers throughout your home decor is a great way to breathe life into a space. What’s more, spring is the perfect time to work these colors and patterns into your life! Whether you’re looking to add a small, fresh accent or create a dramatic scene, these floral decorating tips and tricks will bring any room in your home to life.

Install floral wallpaper. Floral prints are fluid, so they work really well in compartmentalized spaces like the back walls of bookshelves and paneled walls. The experts of Marco Island painters suggest choosing a pattern with medium-sized flowers and paint the woodwork the same color as the strongest hue on the wallpaper. This is a great way to play with patterns without having them overwhelm the room.

Layer patterns and sizes. Using disparate floral patterns can look fresher and cleaner than using a singular pattern. The key to making this decor work is choosing floral patterns in the same color family. This style works best on accessories like curtains, throw pillows and upholstery. To make the colors of your pattern really pop, use white or light wood furnishings.

Play with silhouettes. If you’re not in love with the idea of using brightly colored floral patterns in your home decor but you love the beauty of nature, use floral silhouettes instead. From silk-screened pillows to framed wall art, you can find balanced, modern, neutrally colored flower silhouette decor at local craft and big-box stores. Consider unexpected places to incorporate silhouettes, like lampshades or decorative furniture decals.

Freshen your centerpieces. You don’t have to invest in living flower arrangements week after week to have a stunning centerpiece for your dining or living room table. Instead, break out the hot glue and foam blocks to create your own floral centerpiece with cloth flowers from your local craft store. Choose faux flowers like lilies, pansies, sweet pea, and tulips for your arrangement. Work in sprigs of green to complete the look. You’ll be able to reuse this centerpiece each spring season without having to worry about the flowers wilting and dying.

Think tiny. A floral night-light shade; a lily wallflower plug-in; placemats with floral appliqués. Even the smallest accessories can work in pops of floral print. Use these additions to freshen your kitchen, hallways, or entry way. Floral prints with small flowers grouped closely together work beautifully in, too, for nurseries, kid’s playrooms, and laundry rooms.

Welcome fresh, fun florals into your home with these decorating ideas! For more home decor tips, reach out to Marni Sugerman, a Larchmont interior decorator.