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GoodwinLogoReviseFINALGoodwin Heart Pine Company announced today they are updating their brand and changing their name to, “Goodwin Company”.  Owners George and Carol Goodwin founded the business in 1976, which has since become the country’s premier manufacturer for reclaimed and River-Recovered® hardwood flooring and the preferred choice of many architects, designers, builders and homeowners.

“We’ve made the change because the name ‘Goodwin Heart Pine’ was very limiting,” explains Carol Goodwin.  “We have a new line of engineered flooring and are offering additional fine wood species, so we dropped Heart Pine from the name and decided to become known simply as ‘Goodwin Company.’”

The announcement comes on the eve of George Goodwin’s birthday.  One goal he set was to update his company’s brand before he turned another year older.

“Our current customers know what we offer and understand the exceptional quality of our work,” says George Goodwin.  “We’ve worked hard to earn a reputation in the industry as a ‘luxury’ brand, and now we are identifying ourselves as such.”

The company specializes in recovering quality logs (hundreds of years old) from river bottoms and transforming them into the highest quality heart pine flooring available.  Not all heart pine is “all heart” – which is what distinguishes Goodwin Company from many of its competitors.

According to Carol Goodwin, “We’ve had a great 36 years in business, and we’re excited to embark on this next chapter.”

The Goodwin Company also offers Continuing Education (CEU) courses and presentations demonstrating the architectural and design uses of antique woods to building design professionals across the country. They will be presenting a free CEU course in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida on Thursday, September 13, 2012 at http://www.GreenTrends.org, held at the PGA National Resort and Spa. For more information, call 1-800-336-3118.


Heart Pine Wood Flooring

Goodwin Company Heart Pine Wood Flooring

About Goodwin Company

Founded in 1976, Goodwin Company is the country’s leading manufacturer of fine, reclaimed and River-Recovered® hardwood flooring.  Esteemed architects, designers and builders specify Goodwin’s products for use in luxury residential homes, historical renovations and commercial projects including corporate office buildings, universities, libraries and high-end retail establishments.  Prominent work includes: This Old House corporate offices, private residences of Bob Villa, Paul McCartney, Frank Lloyd Wright and Ted Turner, Weyland Art Gallery, Brownwood at The Villages and the Texas Governor’s Mansion.