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Great New Bathroom Shower Designs

Accessible ShowerEvery day (should) hopefully start with a shower. It cleans you off and wakes you up before you go confront the day. Being such an important part of our lives, then, it’s understandable that many people are looking for fun ways to spruce up their bathroom showers. Luckily, there is no shortage of options.

Shower Screens

These aren’t necessarily a new idea, but as the modern look continues to gain steam, bathroom showers will continue to come in all glass. Shower screens take an ordinary part of the bathroom and turns it into art. They separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom, without taking up unnecessary space or being intrusive. Light has no problem getting in, while the water has no way of getting out. Nowadays, you even have options to choose from in terms of the kind of glass. It can be perfectly clear or a little opaque. The glass can even be green or blue. You can choose to have the glass open like a door, slide out of the way or even simply stand as a wall with an open area to walk through.

Shower Heads

Even though it’s essential, showerheads get very little attention from people designing their bathroom showers. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re stuck with what you already have or that you have to go with whatever matches the tub. You might not think showerheads are a pivotal feature, but add some thought to it and see the difference it makes.

A current trend is either doing away with the standard wall mounted one or having multiple shower heads. Overhead “rainfall” showerheads release water from above just like, you guessed it, rain. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose how much area the storm will cover.  Another option is multiple shower heads that will come at you from different angles. No need to turn and twist to make sure every spot on your body is covered. You’ll be surrounded. Both these options, though, are only viable if your shower has a door. Spraying water from all sides will make quite the mess if you’re relying on a shower curtain.

Shower Head…Phones?

Alright, if your own private storm in the shower was too much for you, turn back now. The cutting edge in bathroom showers right now is a combination showerhead/speaker. You read that right. It makes sense if you think about it, of course. Who doesn’t love to sing in the shower? Well now you don’t have to worry about doing so acapella or forgetting any lines.

These shower heads are completely wireless and can pair with any Bluetooth enabled device. So put together a shower playlist and start your day with your favourite artist.

Showers are essential for any full bathroom. If you are currently in the market for a new one, don’t rush. The market is full of new designs that will add real character to your bathroom, not to mention resale value. Find a style that matches yours or feel free to be a bit adventurous!

Louisa Jenkins is a home improvement expert. She blogs on everything from the benefit of fitting bathroom showers rather than baths, to picking out the perfect carpet for the new kid’s bedroom.