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Home Decor Guide- Great Home Decor Ideas For The Summer

5075439264_18c98b45c2Prepare your home for summer by making some changes to the décor throughout your abode. Just as you decorate for the holidays to help create the right mood, you can also decorate for the summer weather by making a few changes. Here are some ideas to help you start preparing your home for the welcome arrival of summer.

Accessories with Summer Color

Put away the dark green throw that graces your couch in fall and replace it with one in a buttery yellow. Use tropical colors like bright blue, yellow, soft green and shades of pink to add color and a summery feel to the house. Put limes, lemons and mini-lemon trees out on the counter for décor, and use bright accents like vases of cut flowers and brightly colored pillows in the living room.

Create your own Spa

Turn to your outdoor living space and turn it into a personal spa. Use a tablecloth when you dine outside to add some color to the area. Dress up the space under your table with a festive rug. Whethe

r you have a massive area or a tiny space, you can make it more comfortable by adding some decorative touches like an outdoor fountain, shade umbrella and a vase of fresh flowers. Make the space functional as dusk falls by including a few outdoor lamps, some twinkling fairy lights along the railings or fun paper lanterns around the perimeter of the space.

Embrace the Sun

The sun is out and shining, and it’s time to let it stream into your home. Nothing puts you in the summer mood like fresh light filtering in through the windows. Replace heavy drapes with something soft and lightw

eight, and open them fully during the day to enjoy the beautiful views and welcome sunshine.

Think Dishware

You have special dishes just for the holidays, and you can also have special serving pieces just for summer gatherings. Choose platters and bowls that are brightly colored, filled with fun summer patterns and sure

Turn Away from the Fireplace to please your guests.

The fireplace may be the main focal point of your home in winter, but it won’t see much use during the warm summer months. Move the furniture around to put the center of focus on the windows or another area.

Using Candles for Home Décor

Candles can drive odors away and leave your home smelling fresh. Use candles to add light, create ambience and make your home smell fresh and clean. The candles look great on kitchen counters, the dining table and even the foyer table when you first walk into the home. You can also create groupings of candles in different sizes to add more style. Choose bright colors and fun summer patterns to continue with the summertime theme.

Change the Art

You can have special art just for the summer months. Featuring bright colors and a focus on flowers or tropical landscapes, you can bring a little of the outdoors into your home. It’s a great way to cover blank walls, and you can change them out for seasonal decorations when the time comes.

You probably have boxes of holiday decorations that come out at different times of the year. Just as decorating your home for winter puts can boost your mood, decorating your home for summer can also change the atmosphere and help you get ready for the new season. Use bright colors, floral or tropical themes and consider moving furniture around to make the most of your new décor and change the look of your home.

Ben has recently bought a house in Queens. He and his wife completely redecorated it from attic to basement. Here are few of their useful tips.