Home Improvement

Home Improvement Habits That Could Get You Blacklisted

Doesn’t it feel like there’s always some kind of home improvement project you are working on? Sometimes it feels like the list of projects never ends. However, you could be doing more than you have to. Below are some of the home improvement habits that could you get you blacklisted or bring down your resell value. If you are a culprit of doing any of these, take a step back and permanently cross them off your to-do list.

Installing outdated or bad lighting. A well-lit home can be achieved without using the highest wattage of light bulb you can find. When you are using the wrong wattage, your lights and wiring can overheat, which can cause house fires. If you are still using incandescent light bulbs, switch to LED lights, as they are more energy-efficient.

Using colors that clash. Picking out a color scheme for your home can be a daunting task. With hundreds of colors to choose from, it can be hard to make a decision. It also takes a little skill to determine what colors complement each other well. Choosing clashing colors will make the room unappealing.  Nowadays, there are tools that can help you pick out color palettes that go together. Palatine painters offer a color visualizer that makes pairing colors easy. An expert painting contractor will help you find colors that appeal to you and your space.

Cleaning with the wrong supplies. Are you using glass cleaner on your mirrors? A cleaner with a grit in it to clean the sink? Put those supplies down now. Initially your mirrors and sink may sparkle and shine, but you are actually doing more harm than good by using the wrong products. When the glass cleaner drips down your mirror, it can eventually cause the backing to lift. The grit in the sink cleaner can wear down the surface of the sink. To clean these surfaces properly, use warm water and a cloth on your mirrors and lemon juice or vinegar on your sink. This will help maintain the appearance of each surface and prevent you from having to replace them.

Painting with good colors in bad spaces. The way you choose the colors to paint your rooms with should depend on the way you want people to feel when they’re present in that room. For example, red is a great color for a dining room that can help excite a person’s appetite, but using red in a bedroom can make it hard to relax. In general, use light and inviting colors in foyers, hallways, and social areas like the dining room and kitchen. In the bedroom, you can play around with richer colors that appeal to you, but remember avoiding anything too bright and stimulating.

Having an improper exhaust system installed. Your kitchen range is supposed to send smoke, fumes, and odors out of your home. Some power ranges can cause back-drafting and do the exact opposite of that. Chimney exhausts and water heater or furnace gases can be brought into your home if you are dealing with the wrong range. If you think this is a problem, you should install a new or additional air system to your home.

Ignoring tree roots that have gone array. Trees look pretty and can add to your landscape, but this is all dependent on how big they are and where they are planted. Sometimes, tree roots can cause huge problems. If trees are planted too closely to the sidewalk, as their roots grow they can cause the sidewalk to crack. Roots can also interfere with pipes and cause water leaks or bursts depending on their location. Do your research before planting any new trees and make sure any that are already on your property are not going to become a problem.

Adding more shingles to the roof. Taking shortcuts is never a good idea when it comes to home improvements. Almost always, you will pay for it in the long run and your roof is no exception. If you think that two layers of shingles will offer more protection, think again. Before you lay new shingles on your roof, remove the old ones. This way the roof will lay flat and it won’t be too heavy or compromise the integrity of the roof.

Owning a home means your work is never complete, but making updates can be easier than you think. Doing small tasks around the house will keep your home looking neat and well-maintained, while executing bigger home improvement projects properly will increase your home’s value. Keep your home off of the home improvement blacklist by avoiding these common mistakes!