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Home Improvement Projects That Will Save You Money This Year

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWant to save money on your home this year? Check out these pro tips for home improvement projects that will save you money now and for years to come.

Install a new thermostat. If your home doesn’t already have a programmable thermostat, then the best time to get one is now. Being able to program a thermostat gives you total control over the temperature of your home, even when you’re away. Power Home Remodeling Group offers Nest, a learning thermostat system that learns your home heating and cooling habits. This system allows you to save money on your monthly home energy costs. There are other thermostat systems available that sync with mobile apps. These are great for people on vacation, or if a work day runs later than usual. These updated thermostats allow you, the homeowner, to always be in control.

Winterize your doors and windows. Assess the areas around your windows and doors for damage. Do thorough visual checks and test for drafts. If there is a draft, weather stripping or caulking will stop the draft and guarantee savings in energy costs almost immediately. Also, if your home has unused attic space, be sure to check the areas around duct work and decorative windows that might be letting air inside.

Clean filters and add insulation. If your filters are dirty, heating and cooling systems must work harder to function properly. Overworked heating and cooling systems will need to be replaced a lot faster than those that work in optimal dust-free conditions. Every year, all vents and air filters throughout your home should be cleaned or replaced. In addition, make sure there’s adequate insulation around duct work and in the attic space. Walls and attic spaces with little insulation allow the air in those areas to cool and heat quickly, which also causes strain on the heating and cooling system in your home. To prolong the life of the air systems for the home, which can save lots of money annually and in the future, ensure the house has the proper amount of insulation in the walls and attic areas.

Repair damage to your drywall. Cracks and holes in your homes drywall provide a space for the energy you’re pumping into your home to escape. Ensure that you’re not wasting energy or money by having your drywall repaired before winter sets in. CertaPro Painters of Southern Westchester offer professional drywall repair and painting services and will ensure that your drywall is leak free.

Cut back on your energy spending this winter with these money saving home improvement tips!