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How I Made The Perfect Bathroom On A Budget

When my bathroom needed upgrading it wasn’t at a time when I had either the savings or the income to do it without a care. I had to sit and plan how to create the perfect bathroom on a very tight budget. I knew there were certain things that were absolutely necessary, such as the basic components of a bathroom suite. I also knew that there were certain things I wanted, such as a good shower head, a towel radiator, heat lamps and other items that although they are technically luxuries – are things I have discovered make my life better.

Understanding the Details

The first question I had to answer was how much money I actually had to spend. I wrote that down and set it aside. Then, I had to write down a list of what the elements were that made a bathroom perfect. Surprisingly, they weren’t all aesthetic additions. Most provided some kind of additional comfort. I wanted something easy to keep clean but most importantly, I didn’t want the shivers anymore when I stepped out of the shower during the autumn and winter. The cleaning bits were easy to resolve, but warming a bathroom presented me with all sorts of problems. Then, I discovered that both of them were related and both were most easily resolved by considering a towel radiator.

Clean, Dry and Warm

I discovered that mould, the bane of all householders, was most prevalent in the bathroom, because of the constant level of moisture in the air. I didn’t have it in my budget to keep my thermostat on high, so I had to look for alternate ways of increasing the heat in the bathroom so it became drier all day. The best solution for this was to install a towel radiator. I had been considering a towel rail, because everyone knows a warm towel is beyond wonderful; but I hadn’t thought of a towel radiator. They are low cost units that warm towels and provide a slightly higher, and more consistent radiant heat than the rail. Looking into them I was surprised to find out that the amount of electricity they would draw would be negligible when added to my bill and decided to install one in the new bathroom.

Hardwired Or Plug-In

It basically came down to a choice between a towel radiator that could be moved around and plugged into an electrical outlet or, having one hard wired into the house system. My bathroom does not have many conveniently placed outlets and my budget left me less than keen on the expense of an electrician to install more, so I settled on a hard wired unit. Mounted on the wall, it is unobtrusive and convenient to both for heating towels in and around the sink and bathtub. An unexpected bonus was how it is not obvious that it is also a heating unit. To the casual guest, it’s a towel rail.

With the addition of a heat lamp and a strategically placed Butler, my new bathroom came together wonderfully. Most of the budget could be placed towards quality suite items, And I didn’t have to sacrifice one bit of comfort in the end.

Louisa Jenkins is a blogger who has a passion for interior design. She often produces blogs which detail the importance of non-essential room features, like towel radiators and under floor heating units.P1010061.JPG