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How Much Does it Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Floor SandingThis is a frequently asked question by millions across the world. It basically depends on a lot of things. So here you will be provided with all the answers. Ask a constructor and he will tell you that it will depend on the square foot area in the very first place. It will also depend on the running condition of your floors. If you are thinking to refinish the floor, then you would require a big budget. But still there are other possible ways in which you can refinish within a budget of 20 bucks. Basically, the cost to refinish hardwood floors ranges from $1 to $5 square foot and above.

It may cost $3 to $5 per square foot, if the refinish is done by a professional. This is a typical estimated figure that they offer. The best part of hardwood floors is the shiny effect that they exude. The gloss looks elegant and polished. This can also help in the evaluation of the price of a house. Another thing about these floors is that you can do this refinishing all by yourself. If the floor has is damaged then it can consume more time and money. If you do refinishing by yourself then it may require twenty to fifty dollars. You can look out for the hardwood floors that match colors with your house flooring.

Fixing hardwood floors are not very difficult and not even easy. At first you need to find out the cause. You need to figure out the damage at first. Then get the hardwood from the store as required and try to fix it. See whether you can fix it. And if you find yourself that you cannot fix the cause then seek professional help.

Plumbing would not cost much. Compiling of hardwoods is the next thing to do. Take out the baseboards at first. Then take out the boards slowly. Then install the new ones instead of the old ones. Then attach the baseboards. Sometimes it may happen that your old floors do not match with new ones. Do not worry, get the nearest which matches and refinish it.

You can give it a polish. It will shine and give a glossy floor. The trouble with hardwood floors begin due to wear and tear over the years. So, you can use a sand paper or electric sander to sand the entire flooring. Then sponge the floor with water and scrape out the dirt. Scratch the floor with metal chain. Then use a floor buffer. And finally use 2 layers of polyurethane sealer on the floor. The entire process will cost you near about 15 to 20 dollars. Thus, cost to refinish hardwood floors depend on the damage caused to the square foot area.

The cost to refinish hardwood floors is less than dinner at a nice restaurant. An industrial strength, low cost floor restorer can bring back the shine and make dull floors look new. I would like to link to http://costtorefinishhardwoodfloors.com

By Kris K Buettmann