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What Improvements Will Actually ADD Value To My Home

fiberon-decking-contracorThere are lots of improvements we can add to our home but some are better investments than others. Improvements that tend to relate to an individual’s personal taste, such as adding a soundproof recording studio, add little overall value to a home. In general, home improvements that have a broader appeal usually add the most value. Whether it’s a custom home or a tract home, the following are several improvements that nearly everyone will appreciate and will actually add value to the home.

Redo the Front of the House

First impressions do matter and the front of the house is the first look most people get at the home. Fixing cracked pavement on the driveway or on sidewalks is essential. Splurging on a high quality front door and updating the front entrance will instantly add value to a home. Little things like keeping the flower beds neat and making sure all shutters and window panes are painted and clean will go a long way in making the house look good.

Update the Kitchen

Once inside the house, this is the first place many prospective home buyers look. Even simple things like new faucets and updated handles on the cabinet doors can change the look of the kitchen and instantly add value. More extensive changes that will add value include large windows, especially over the sink, and an island if there is space.

Add Storage Space

These days it seems no one ever has enough storage space. Ample drawers and closet space is a must for any home. Adding extra closet space in bedrooms or revamping existing space are improvements that will add value. Even adding storage in the basement or garage will improve your home.

Put in Extra Lighting

A well lit house feels warm and inviting, and rooms may even look larger. Replacing basic ceiling lights with overhead ceiling fans and larger lights will make almost any room instantly look different.

Tear Down a Wall

If there are two smaller rooms next to each other tearing down a wall will basically give you an entire new room to work with. This is definitely more work than the previous suggestions but makes a big difference in your home without actually having to build an extra room. If breaking down a wall seems a bit overwhelming try widening a few doors. Widening the doors even a few inches will appear to add space and make rooms bigger.


Painting is one of the least expensive ways to update a home and yet it will instantly add value. Colors and color combinations that are popular seem to change every few years. For a few hundred dollars a home owner can instantly update the home.

Add a Deck

Even if a house doesn’t have a lot of yard space, being able to sit outside in relative comfort on nice days is something nearly everyone will enjoy. The great thing about adding a deck is that the choices are virtually unlimited. A homeowner can keep it simple or create something really elaborate.

+Ken Uhrich likes houses. In fact he lives in one. You can drop him a line at the Custom Home Group website.