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The Ins & Outs Of Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning

DysonIt’s important to clean our carpets regularly to keep them looking bright and fresh, but also to get rid of any dust or other allergens that have settled in over time. However, some carpet cleaning methods use chemicals and processes that can produce even more allergens, not to mention harmful toxins that can seriously irritate your respiratory system. Luckily, the recent global push to go green and protect the environment has led to new advances in carpet cleaning. Nowadays there are several eco-friendly, non-toxic carpet cleaning strategies that you can try. Here are some tips on how to clean your carpet without using harsh chemicals.

Spot Cleaners

Obviously, there is a big difference between carpet cleaners that you use on small stains and spots and carpet cleaners you use on your entire carpet for a deeper clean. When it comes to spot cleaners, there are lots of non-toxic options that you can create with ingredients that you already have around the house. Vinegar, vegetable soap, water, and baking soda are basically all you need to make your own earth-friendly carpet spot cleaner.

For water-based stains like red wine, ink, coffee, and pet accidents, vinegar-based solutions are your best bet. On the other hand, oil-based stains like lipstick or salad dressing, you should use vegetable soap.  As you surely know, oil and water don’t mix. So the rule of thumb here is to use water-based cleaners on water-based stains and oil-based cleaners on oil-based stains. By using these household items as spot cleaners, you can give keep your carpet stain-free without aggravating allergies and asthma with harmful cleaner chemicals.

Full Carpet Cleaners

There are two ways to go if you want to do a deep, thorough clean of your entire carpet – you can make it a do-it-yourself project, or you can hire a professional to clean the carpet for you. This choice should depend on how deep of a clean you want on your carpet. If you have been cleaning your carpet regularly and you don’t think it’s in need of a drastic cleaning, then you can manage cleaning your entire carpet by yourself. However, if your carpet is in need of a more intense clean, it’s best to go with the professionals.

If you want to perform a do-it-yourself full carpet cleaning, then you can’t count on it to be a really deep clean. However, if you just want to give your whole carpet a touch-up, you can also do so with items commonly found around the home. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet’s entire surface to absorb any odors, and then spritz the baking soda with your favorite scent or essential oil. Le this sit for a while and then vacuum the carpet to release your desired scent while sucking up the odor-trapping baking soda.

If your carpet needs a professional cleaning, just make sure to ask your flooring professional about what non-toxic carpet cleaning methods they have available. Fortunately, most modern carpet cleaners offer a non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning option. Some carpet cleaners are specifically eco-friendly, and some offer a range of services that include green cleaning options, such as Floor Coverings International. Just make sure to shop around and do your research to ensure that your carpet cleaners aren’t “green-washing” their services by making them appear earth-friendly when they actually aren’t.

With these eco-friendly carpet cleaning tips, you’ll be able to give your carpet a fresh appearance without the presence of harmful chemicals or potential allergens.

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