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Which Kitchen Style Should You Choose?

Contemporary KitchenWhether you are looking to refurbish your existing or you’re designing a kitchen for your brand new home it can be hard to know exactly what type of kitchen will best suit you. For most households the kitchen is a place where a lot time will be spent throughout the years. It’s where meals will be cooked, where you will have your morning coffee and where you sit down to eat at the end of a hard day. So it’s definitely not a room that can be overlooked when designing or remodelling your home. Here are some great tips to help you find the perfect kitchen for you.

What Are Your Options?

Firstly you’ll need to find out what type of kitchens there are for you to choose from. If you’re thinking that all kitchens are basically the same with different colourings and layouts then you’re in for a surprise. There are a variety of styles to consider such as contemporary, classic, vintage, rustic, earthy, art deco and French inspired to name just a few. It can be daunting trying to get your head around all of these options so let’s take a look at some of the more popular kitchen style choices.


The main word that is used to describe classic kitchen designs is “simple”. Simplicity doesn’t mean that classic kitchen designs are found at the lower end of the budget, it just means that they are traditional and minimalistic. The designs are familiar and comforting, allowing you to feel all warm and fuzzy thinking of the good old days when your mum used to cook for you. They usually contain lots of wooden fixtures and earthy colours such as browns and contrasting them with lighter colours such as white or yellows.


If classic kitchens don’t do it for you then you’re probably looking for something a little more “now”. There are some amazing kitchen designs out there that will take your breath away, many of them look more like works of art than working kitchens. Contemporary designs are usually made up of metals and plastics and they are usually either very colourful or all white. The great thing about contemporary kitchens is that you can pretty much tailor them to your own tastes.


A very popular choice of kitchen design for older people and families is the rustic look. This design goes further than the classic look in terms of tradition and homeliness. The rustic look is all about bringing nature into the home and so there are lots of woods used, hanging herbs, flower pots and wooden boards used to convey this. The great thing about rustic design is that it can be created by you if you already have a classic look to your kitchen. You can buy wooden accessories such as chopping boards, blackboards, spice racks and there are lots of quirky signs you could hang to stamp your personality on the room.

The kitchen you choose depends completely on the type of person you are and your own particular style. It also depends on the décor of the rest of your home as you don’t want a modern minimalistic designed house with a rustic kitchen that doesn’t tie in with the rest of the rooms. For more ideas on finding the perfect kitchen for you get out to showrooms, search online and look at as many kitchen magazines as you can and inspiration will be sure to strike.

Janet Jones and her husband recently redecorated their kitchen and they opted for the rustic look. They called in Kitchen Makeover NI to help them achieve the look that they wanted.