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Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious

Master Bedroom and Bath 1How to Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious

Your bedroom is already your getaway from all of the stress and anxiety of daily life, so why not treat yourself and make it a luxurious haven? A better and more restful-looking bedroom will make you want to spend more time relaxing in it. Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary of comfort and plush relaxation with these tips for updating your room’s décor.

Beds & Bedding

Obviously, your bed should be the main focus of your bedroom, so it’s important to make it look and feel the best it can to have an updated, luxurious bedroom.  A quilted or otherwise fabric-based headboard will give your bed a chic, upscale appearance.

Also, higher thread counts will make your sheets feel much softer and smoother. High thread count sheets are often the secret to the comfort of luxury hotel beds.  Down or down-imitation comforters and pillows are the softest options, and are also frequently used by high-end hotels to make their beds as comfortable as possible. However, the softest choices when it comes to bedding may not always be right for you. Some sleepers find firmer mattresses and pillows to be better for sleep & healthier for their spine.

Soothing Choices

Choosing colors and scents that are known to have soothing properties is a great way to give your bedroom a more luxurious and peaceful feel. A good rule of thumb for choosing soothing colors is to go with earthy tones. Neutrals, warm browns, sea blues and moss greens are all popular and effective choices for soothing colors. These colors can be used for bedroom paint, wallpaper, bedding, or carpeting.

Soothing sounds and scents are also helpful for making your bedroom a place of ultimate comfort. Have a CD player or iPod dock handy for playing your favorite or most relaxing music, or invest in a soothing sound machine. You’d be surprised how well sound machines that have rain or ocean waves sounds can work!

When it comes to scents, certain smells have been proven to have relaxing and/or sleep-conducive qualities. Scents such as lavender, vanilla, and jasmine have all been shown to promote sleep, so burning incense or candles with these scents will make your bedroom luxurious and more relaxing.

Small Touches

Small updates to your bedroom’s atmosphere and décor will go a long way in making the room cozier and more relaxing. Adding an area rug to your bedroom, especially if it is outfitted with hardwood flooring, is a cozy touch that will be warm under your feet during the cold winter months. Using more candles and softer lighting will also give your bedroom a warm, luxurious atmosphere without you having to make any huge changes to the design of the room. Finally, adding more mirrors or mirrored furniture and fixtures will make your bedroom appear more open and spacious.

Basically, any update you make to your bedroom, whether big or small, will make it a much more welcoming, comfortable place to relax. With these tips, your bedroom will be a restful escape from the stress of daily life.

Lenny Cravits writes about home improvement, interior design, and interior decorating.