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Pros And Cons Of Luxury Rain Shower Heads – Do You Really Need One?

KBIS 2011 - Brizo ShowerheadsToday, choosing a rain shower head for your shower can be stressful, confusing and difficult to decide.  With so much advanced technology that luxury shower heads offer you almost wonder if all the added features are necessary and whether you need them or not.

While the purpose of rain showers heads are to replicate the sensation and calming effect of rain falling on you, deciding and choosing the right one ideally would depend on what exactly you are looking for and your needs.


There are actually rain shower heads that actually have lighting coming through along with the water and this added feature alone probably adds quite a lot to the cost of the shower head.

However, depending on the structure of lighting you currently have in your bathroom, this could be a great accent and a feature that will compliment your bathroom style in addition to the vibe.


Today, more consumers are simply purchasing luxury shower heads for aesthetic reasons without giving much consideration to the functionality features. So you have to ask yourself if you are paying for the brand name or the full rain features the product offers. While most rain shower heads are mounted or suspended from the ceiling, many come with an arm attached to the wall or can simply be attached to an existing arm.

Think about the fact that with a ceiling mount shower head the water falls directly onto your head where a shower head with an attached arm can be adjusted. Both the material of which it is made of and the structure of setup would determine which one you would purchase.

High Pressure

Are you looking for a shower head that produces high pressure and has great stream control or a softer, milder shower experience? These features are not based on the price or the brand name. In fact, some of the less costly rain shower heads have better features than the high end ones.

If you currently have a shower head in your bathroom, compare the new features to the existing one.


Some of the higher end rain shower head models also contain special cartridges that monitor the temperature of the water and even adjust in maintaining the temperature. Think about whether this is an important and necessary feature that you need and are willing to pay extra for.

You may also have to look at the structure of plumbing in your home to see if this feature would fit. It may cost more for you as some extra plumbing would need to be put into place.

So the next time you’re out shopping for a rain shower head give some serious thought as to whether the add ons are a necessity that you can do without. However, the overall style and setup of your bathroom would also have an impact on your decision.

As this is a costly decision, consult with your plumber to see what your options are with the current plumbing system you have. Without this consultation, you may be buying a shower head that will not work with the structure of your current water flow and plumbing system.

It’s not all in the name. As you see different designs have different benefits and features but in the end the best shower head is the one that you decide is the best one that fits your needs.

Joseph is a plumbing contractor and designer. His services stand out to his clients as he helps them incorporate the most by utilizing all the space properly. He is involved in every phase and step of the construction and remodeling, from demolishing to vanities and even fixtures such as a selections of shower head, faucet and toilets. In his spare time Joseph enjoys golfing and playing tennis.