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Could Stained Concrete Be The Flooring Of The Future?

Loft concrete floorRemodeling a room can be a lot of fun but also a lot of headache when it comes to picking the right floors.  Carpet can be soft on the feet as well as the eyes, but there are many different types of carpet to choose from.  Sometimes remodeling is a result of the want for hardwood floors, however just as many options come into play when picking the right surface.  If the decision seems to be overwhelming then don’t hesitate to bring in the third option; concrete staining.

The Benefits of Staining

Staining concrete has many benefits to it.  For starters, the look is very modern and unique.  This means when you have guests over to investigate your recent remodeling adventures they will be surprised and intrigued by the new look that isn’t very common.  Stained concrete catches eyes, especially with the right accent stain.  The glossy finish over cleaned concrete can really pull a room together if the color is correct.  Staining colors have become increasingly popular so there are definitely more options to choose from.  With a stained looked that matches the color of your upholstery your room will look very clean and inviting.

Another benefit to stained concrete is the upkeep and maintenance is an all time low.  Carpets are at a constant risk for absorbing stains, spills, and smells.  They must be cleaned regularly, but some carpets are finer than others and can only be hand cleaned or carefully and professionally steam cleaned.  Likewise with hardwood, their wood finish needs special cleaning to maintain a shine, however some cleaning products can damage the wood.  Bad spills can be absorbed by the wood and warp the floor.  Another issue with carpet and hardwood is that they can both fall victim to pet urine and be ruined.  With stained concrete, heavy cleaning is easy to do if necessary.  Stains and spills are picked up easily and the floor can maintain it’s integrity even after a sweep and mop session.

Staining Throughout the House

Staining concrete in first floor of your home is virtually universal for all rooms.  Kitchens and bathrooms are ideal for staining because those rooms are equipment with water functions.  Water that drips or spills on the floor doesn’t result in a rush to quickly wipe up or dry out before permanent damage is done.  Of course it can pose a slip and fall hazard but you won’t see a water mark or permanent stain after a small spill. Concrete staining in a living room can also be a fun way to ‘own’ a room.  This leaves more room for play when it comes to decorating.  Accent rugs will play a bigger role in a room with stained concrete because it provides a noticeable contrast.


One thing most people also might not know when remodeling a room and considering staining their concrete is that it can be easily done at home.  There is no need to get someone to come out and handle your carpet removal or staining process.  Removing carpet is very simple, easy as pulling a giant bandaid off.  Then the staining process is just like painting a wall.  Simple base coat with color then a glossy sealant on top.  All the tools, stain, and tips on the process can be found at your local hardware store.  It makes for a fun project and a rewarding feeling knowing you did something on your own to save money and make your remodeling plans unique.

Zane Schwarzlose is a blogger at Steamer’s Carpet Care, a carpet cleaning company in San Antonio, Texas. Zane grew up in a house with stained concrete.