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Update Your Bathroom With Stylish Color Combos

Maharajas' Express Luxury Train (India) - Suite bathroomSometimes it can seem like there isn’t much variation when it comes to bathroom décor. There isn’t anything wrong with the classic sea or beach-themed bathroom decked out in blue and white, but you shouldn’t be afraid to branch out when it comes to designing your bathroom. Here are some color combinations and style choices that will make your bathroom stand out.

Greens – Garden Theme

Green-painted walls, garden-themed wallpaper, or even the addition of a few green bathroom rugs will add a natural, fresh feel to the look of your bathroom. A lot of people keep plants in their bathrooms, so why not run with that idea and transform your bathroom into a lush, relaxing paradise? Pale greens are very easy on the eyes, and are proven to relaxing and calming. On the other hand, darker shades such as hunter and olive green are associated with a more masculine, vintage style.

For a bolder accent, try putting up floral wallpaper on one or all of your bathroom walls. This will not only incorporate a green color scheme into your bathroom, but it will also give your bathroom a vintage feel.

Oranges & Reds – Warm Glamor

Orange or red may not seem like the best choice for a relaxing bathroom color, but certain warm shades can add both a glamorous and energizing appearance to your bathroom. An orange or red accent wall will brighten up any neutral-toned or white bathroom color scheme. If you’re looking for something tamer, a coral-toned orange is a good balance of softness and brightness.

As far as reds go, most designers choose deep, dark red shades for bathroom color schemes. When used in small doses, dark red makes an excellent color for an accent wall, or for a bathroom fixture that you want to stand out such as an area rug. Consider using a reflective surface such as mosaic tile for your red accent, so that the red’s dark shade doesn’t take away from the light in your bathroom.

Neutrals – Modern Style

Neutral colors – such as tan, taupe, and gray – are a mainstay of modern decorating. Choosing neutral shades for your walls and bathroom fixtures is the easiest way to match stone flooring, which is one of the most popular bathroom flooring choices. Grays and taupes are more in tune with clean, modern interior decorating.

Neutrals can also add an element of earthiness to your bathroom. Rich, earth-toned browns and tans are best for creating a natural, earthy style in your bathroom. However, you should still consider putting pops of color around your bathroom – for example, have some brightly-colored bath towels – so that the neutrals won’t be too overpowering. Another way to spice up a gray, tan, or taupe color scheme is to use metallic neutrals. A silver wall will catch the eye much more than a gray wall. You can also use varying shades of the same neutral in your bathroom, so that the color will not seem flat.

Try any one of these color schemes to give your bathroom a fresh, exciting new look!

Lenny Cravits writes about interior design, interior decorating, & home improvement.