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Window Blinds: What Many Homeowners Love Right Now

KorlebuWindows are among the most important features of any home in terms of aesthetic and function. As such, it is important they always look good and in top condition. If you are starting to lament over the appearance of your windows, or maybe they no longer work well in filtering natural light and noise, it is about time you update them. An inexpensive way to do that is to outfit them with blinds.

Window blinds are excellent additions to windows as they provide insulation and ultimate control over privacy and natural light. They can also make a difference on furniture longevity since they offer sufficient protection against the effects of UV light. And because of their streamlined design, they are effective in lending rooms a cleaner and brighter look.

When you are ready to give your windows a fresh look with blinds and you can’t seem to figure out which style or design to pick, here are some of the window blind trends many homeowners are in love with.

Gliding panels

Forget about those blinds that stiffly roll up with a pull of a cord. Nowadays, the market continues to be flooded with blinds that are more aesthetically pleasing and easier to control. Among the most popular options are gliding panels or panel glide blinds, which feature fabric panels that graciously glide across the windows when they are being closed and neatly stack behind each other when opened. The panels themselves can be made from a wide variety of fabrics, allowing you to choose pieces that complement your need for style, privacy, and light control.

What makes panel glide blinds all the more appealing is that they are easy to install and operate. Aside from suiting large windows, they can also double as decorative room dividers, letting you make a soft and stylish transition within your home.

Colour it happy

Since your windows take up a lot of visual real estate, leaving them bare is not the best way to add a punch of character to your room. So if you want to liven up or inject some colour to the space, window blinds are your best options. While past colour choices for blinds were limited to a handful of hues, this has all changed through improvements in manufacturing techniques. Today, you will find window blinds in different colour palettes, ranging from neutrals to bold hues. So whether you want something contemporary, sophisticated, or charming, you will be able to find window blind colours that suit your needs.


Influenced by their desire to make their homes greener, more and more homeowners are also opting for eco-friendly blinds. These blinds are either made from recycled materials or have green certification. They are designed to help control air leakage and block UV rays, thereby minimizing the need for HVAC use. As such, if you are looking to help the environment in your own way, window blinds that have green ratings will definitely have a place in your home.

Go natural

Making the connection between indoors and outdoors is not only limited to flower arrangements and random collection of rocks. With the availability of blinds made from natural materials, it is now easier to incorporate the beauty of nature into your home’s décor. With choices ranging from wood blinds and bamboo Roman shades to panels made from jute and cotton, exemplifying au naturel décor has never been easier.

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