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10 Quick And Easy Tricks For Renewing Your Kitchen

kitchen_1Do you want a new kitchen, but you can’t afford it? And how do you feel about doing some improvements that will give a completely new look to your kitchen, without having to go to the bank? Do you like that idea? If you do like it, keep on reading and learn about excellent quick, easy and available tricks and advices for renewing your kitchen.

  1. Paint the cupboards – Since your cupboards cover the most of the space in your kitchen, nothing can change the look of your kitchen more than the look and color of the cupboards. An idea for a small kitchen – if you dare, try to paint the bottom cupboards in a different color than the top ones. This could look very good in small kitchens, especially if the top cupboards are the same color as the wall above them.
  2. Remove the mess on the working plate in your kitchen – We all spend a lot of time in our kitchen. Because of that it is considered the center of a home. Exactly because of that the working plate in the kitchen fills up with not only kitchen stuff, but a lot of other things as well – papers, bills, toys and a lot of different things. Try to find a different storage for these things. However, maybe you will need some of these things in your kitchen, but find a place for them in a drawer or put them in a cupboard.
  3. Change the handles on your cupboards – That is a simple way of changing how your kitchen looks. Try to get new lead or nickel handles. To get the right size, take your old handles with you in the store, if not you could compare them to the holes in your cupboards. Of course, if you have handles with only one hole, depending on where the hole is, you can choose a different handle with only one hole, or even a handle with two holes, but that one hole needs to be one of the two for the new handle.
  4. New lightingTry to change your usual ceiling lamp with a beautiful hanging chandelier. Or you think your kitchen could look better with multiple new reflectors?
  5. Renew your curtains – If you still have curtains on your windows, try to replace them with a stripped or roman curtain. They exist in a lot of different colors and are very functional.
  6. Change the door on some of the top cupboard – Try to replace the front panel on one of the top cupboards and replace it with a glass door, plexiglass door or decorative metal door. You will immediately get an open, transparent look that will enable you to show your beautiful glasses or dishes.
  7. Buy a new dish set – Set a table with new dishes and people will forget how your kitchen cupboards and kitchen furniture are old.
  8. Buy a new kitchen table and chairs – This option may cost a little more than the previous ones, but it will hugely improve the look of your kitchen. Since the kitchen table and chairs take a big part of the space in your kitchen, instantly you will have a new kitchen look – the only minus is that you have to spend money and time for this.
  9. Change your kitchen working plate – Yes, that is possible too. Maybe your working plate is in excellent condition, but it has an outdated color or pattern. The cheap option is just to paint it over with a special color designed for those surfaces or use a special material on it.
  10. Color your kitchen tiles – For this you will need more time and skill, but it is a lot cheaper than completely changing your tiles.
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