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4 Solid Reasons To Choose Oak Furniture

captureOak is a type of hardwood that is incredibly dense, which is why it is such a great choice for high quality furniture makers. Dating back as far as the 9th and 10th century when it was used for planking in Viking ships, oak has always been a popular wood choice in construction due to its strength and durability. In fact the strength of oak wood was said to be what the British Empire was founded on. Besides its strength characteristics, oak is a popular wood choice in furniture making for many other reasons.

1. Appearance

One of the top reasons why so many homeowners purchase oak furniture is its fantastic appearance. Oak has a naturally beautiful look that is full of characteristic grain markings and open pores, which make each piece unique. Featuring warm, honey coloured tones, oak is a wood choice that presents luxury, comfort and elegance.

2. Versatility

Oak is incredibly versatile, meaning it is the perfect choice for creating interior furniture. The style of oak suits any home and all interior designs especially due to the fact that the hardwood can be stained and finished in many ways (which makes it great for customising). Another great thing about oak furniture is that it looks great when it is naturally bare as well as when it is upholstered with fabric.

3. Very little maintenance

Oak furniture is so easy to maintain and care for. Unlike most wood types, oak is naturally stain and scratch-resistant, meaning that it will not damage easily (making it the perfect wood choice for homeowners with young children and pets). However if your furniture is damaged somehow, you can cover the affected area with butter and leave it overnight before wiping it clean in the morning. This tip works a treat!

Oak furniture can be regularly dusted and occasionally wiped over with a soft cloth and some linseed oil to maintain its natural beauty. The only downside to oak furniture is that its beautiful finish can be compromised by direct sunlight but this is only a problem if you want the furniture to be kept outside or directly underneath or in front of a window or glass door.

4. Style

The last but very not least important reason to invest in oak furniture over other hardwood furniture types is its timeless style. Oak furniture presents a simple elegance that fits in perfectly with traditional and temporary themes. Due to this, oak furniture never goes out of fashion and even when you are getting tired of it you can give it a new finish or reupholster it with a new fabric to refresh your furniture. You’ll fall straight back in love with it again and enjoy it for many more years to come.

Due to the fact that oak furniture has such a great appearance, is stylish and versatile as well as incredibly easy to look after, it is also fantastic value for money. Oak furniture will not deteriorate; it stands the test of time, so is a sound investment for any shrewd homeowner, decorator or interior designer!

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Nick Halls is the Co-director of Rustic Oak who specialising in crafting beautiful bespoke oak furniture.