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5 Decor Tips For New Couples

b28_1Moving in together with your loved one can be quite a nervous time. It is of course a time to really be happy about the future but living with another person always brings about new challenges as well.

One of the things you need to work on together is the décor of the house. You want it to represent a bit of both and ensure your items do all work together. Here are five décor tips to help you out.

1. Make A List

It is a good idea to start the process by listing out the items that each of you already have and which are something that you really wouldn’t want to throw away. This way you can save some money and ensure both get to keep old things they like.

You can then quickly work out the pieces of furniture you still need. Look at magazines together to establish the kind of decoration style you both like. Listen to each other and find ways to compromise.

2. Go With Second Hand

If you need to save money you shouldn’t forget about buying second hand. There are a lot of great websites that sell second hand furniture and decorative pieces and you can build a really nice décor by just using recycled items.

Fresh Home has a nice guide about buying second hand furniture and it is worth a look. Don’t buy anything without running the item or idea with the other person first.

3. Find A Neutral Color Scheme

You want much of the living spaces be neutral for both of your tastes and therefore it is often a good idea to go with a neutral colour scheme. Don’t forget that the house is now for both a man and a woman and you might not want to fill it with flowers or football wall décor throughout.

Try to go with more neutral options and perhaps if you have enough space you can dedicate a small part of the house for yourself and another part for your partner. Be as manly or girly in this area as you want.

4. Little Key Details

It is essential that the house also feels like a home for both of you. This is best done if you focus on little details to make living practical yet trendy. For instance, consider some vinyl prints to suit both of your tastes. These can be placed on the wall to add a bit of trendiness to the house and can be a great way to showcase your common taste.

Add individual pieces that match together around the house as well. For example, having pictures from both of your friends and family will make the place feel more like a home for you both.

5. Clever Storage

You should also make sure to focus on the storage solutions at the house. The key is to have enough storing cabinets and wardrobes so that you both get to have enough space for your own items. You don’t want to make the other person throw away all of their items so get a good cabinet for both to store stuff.

Then you can individually sort out which things you can keep and which perhaps don’t have enough space in the house.

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