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7 Exterior Design Tips To Transform Your Home

43138-house-plansDo-it-yourself projects are rewarding endeavors. Among the benefits experienced from completing do-it-yourself projects, one has a sense of accomplishment and a cost-effective approach at improving the home.

1. New Door

A new door is one of the simplest of exterior changes to make. Depending upon the style, effect or color, a new door can instantly update the exterior of any home. Pair up a bold door with a neutrally-colored house for a bold statement. Choose a door with a window for a softer impression.

2. Change the Color of the Deck

Paint a wood deck a rich dark color or vibrant color depending upon existing patio furniture. Choose dark paint for patio furniture that is neutral in appearance. Pair off with pillows in olive green or other rustic colors for a cozy appearance. Painting a deck a vibrant color that matches the subtle pops of color in patio furniture will help to make it stand out. This gives a customized look to the outdoor quarters. Stain the deck a similar color to two-toned wood furniture to create a similar effect. Be sure to invest in an appropriate deck sealer to maintain the change.

3. Update Exterior Paint

Whether a complete paint job or just painting the trim is chosen, both allow for a fresh appearance to the exterior of the home. Even if the same colors are chosen, fresh paint covers imperfections, which serves to make the house stand out. Choose an entirely different color to change the look of the house.

4. Under Tree Nook

This idea is particularly fun. If there is a large tree in the backyard, preferably with a low-hanging branch, hanging lights, a couch and a few extras makes this wonder a cozy hideaway and a hotspot for get-togethers. Hang dim lights or subtle lanterns from the branch. Also, suspend a screen from the branch to view with the use with a projector. Pop some popcorn and enjoy a movie outdoors. Strategically place a couch to sit or lie on and experience instant relaxation with the family.

5. Build a Gazebo

Gazebos offer splendid hideaways that enhance the look and feel to the exterior of the home. Gazebos are wonderful for shade, summer nights, drinking tea, having picnics and many other uses. They provide a structure to sit beneath during the winter months. Place a portable heater in one and drape the sides with curtains for extra warmth.

6. Update Patio Furniture

New coverings drastically change the look of patio furniture. At times, patio furniture becomes outdated as new colors, fabrics and patterns become trendy and popular; however, the cost of new patio furniture may not justify the want to change it all out. Cushion covers can be changed out—either by swapping them out or purchasing the fabric and some do-it-yourself sewing.

7. Outdoor Lighting

There are several forms of outdoor lighting that expand the beauty of one’s home. For instance, solar lights can be placed along walkways or wherever else wished. They store the sun’s energy during the day and light up at night. Lanterns can be suspended from any structure over the patio. Glass bottles stuffed with miniature lights can be suspended in a similar fashion to create a festive look.

Do-it-yourself projects make home-living fun and rewarding.

Jeff Runge has worked as a general contractor for the past 8 years. To learn more from experienced exterior design experts, visit doors4home.com.