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7 Master Bedroom Must Haves

Close up on a bed in a bedroomYour master bedroom should be a place of ultimate comfort and personal luxury. Read on to discover the 7 things every master bedroom needs to be complete!

Comfortable Bed: Naturally, every master bedroom needs to have somewhere to sleep. The size of the space will determine what size bed you should have. Remember that the bed should be the focal point of the room, as well as the most comfortable space in the room. For this reason, you should allot the most space to this piece of furniture.

Luxurious Linens: A bed is a sacred place, and should be treated as such. Upgrade your linens to give your bed a simple boost of comfort. Start with a plain, plush down comforter. Find a simple duvet that will match your décor, or purchase a few interchangeable designs so you don’t get bored. Then, invest in some high quality pillows. Incorporate a few different styles into your bedspread so you’ll always have options. Don’t forget sheets! Purchase a set of high thread count sheets for an ultra soft feel.

Superior Storage: Virginia Beach Interior Decorators understand that clutter can cause stress in a bedroom environment, and recommend that homeowners allow space for ample storage. Organize your closet to fit garments like blouses, dresses, and trousers. Utilize decorative boxes to store bulkier items like hats, scarves, and sweaters. Under-the-bed storage is another space saver, and can be used to store shoes and sneakers.

Stylish Seating: A bed should be used for a few select activities. Ultimately, you shouldn’t be eating or working in bed. For this reason, the master bedroom should have some extra seating. This can be in the form of a simple bench at the foot of the bed where you can put your shoes on in the morning, or a decorative accent chair by the window where you sit to read.

Layered Lighting: Turn the master bedroom into a functional space by incorporating various types of lighting. For instance, the area in or near the closet should be well lit so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Keep smaller lights on bedside tables to use when you’re climbing in and out of bed. If your master bedroom is connected to a bathroom, leave a small nightlight plugged in for those late night bathroom trips. Try to find decorative lighting that is also functional, like a chandelier to hang over the bed with multiple brightness settings.

Classic Colors: Use a tasteful and timeless color scheme in your bedroom. CertaPro Painters of Denver West recommends using neutral tones to create a peaceful and relaxing environment. The use of neutral colors allows you to be playful with color in other areas, including your furniture or bedspread.

Personal Effects: A bedroom isn’t yours until you incorporate your interests into it. Decorate the space with photos or collectibles from your travels. Use throw pillows to turn your bed into a decorated canvas. You can even express your tastes through the furniture that you use in your bedroom, whether it’s an antique chest of drawers or a modern ottoman you can store things in. Remember to avoid cluttering the master bedroom with too many personal affects to keep the space fresh and peaceful!

Make sure your bedroom is a place that you want to spend time in after a long day. Use these interior design tips to create the perfect master bedroom space in your home.