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Arranging Furniture for the Holidays

file2331237210245The holidays are just around the corner. Friends and family will soon be making their way over to visit, and many of them will most likely be staying for a few days. For this reason, it’s important to arrange your furniture for optimum coziness for your guests. Prep your home now to be ready for guests throughout the holiday season.

Create a focal point. A focal point will give the guests something to gravitate towards when they enter any given room. If the focal point is small enough to put on the coffee table, arrange furniture around it. Avoid arranging seating directly across from each other, as this can appear too forced or formal. Taller focal points, such as Christmas trees, should be placed on the side of the room where all can see. No matter where your focal point is, ensure that it’s easy to view from anywhere in the room and a welcoming area where a group can gather.

Keep the rug under guests’ feet. Area rugs are wonderful pieces to keep guests contained in an area with furniture placed around them. San Jose Interior Decorator Thora Tam recommends using carpet runners to lead your guests to seating areas throughout your home. Choose a rug with similar colors to the furniture, creating an inviting place to sit and relax.

Set up a place to enjoy food and drink. Whether it’s a long coffee table in the center of the room, two end tables on each side of the couch, or a counter buffet, make sure you provide an area for your guests to rest their cups and plates. These areas can also act as serving stations. Try scattering snacks and appetizers on your living room coffee table, or set up a mini bar on your counter top.

Provide intimate conversation areas. Keep in mind that not everyone has to sit together. Friends and family who haven’t seen each other in a while may want to break away from the group to have a private conversation and catch up. Placing a couple of upholstered chairs around a small table makes it easy for small intimate conversations while making the guests available to others in the room.

Welcome your guests into your home this winter with properly arranged furniture.