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Backyard BBQ Hosting Tips

Summer is just around the corner! It’s the season for relaxation and having fun outdoors, with a little bit of yard work sprinkled in. From maintaining the lawn to pressure washing your sidewalks, there’s a lot to be done before you can sit back and relax outback. Get your outdoor oasis ready for barbecuing this season with these exterior maintenance tips.

Consider the following before having people over:

  • Backyard Maintenance. Before the BBQ even starts, it is important to maintain the look of your yard for cosmetic and safety reasons. Mow the lawn, remove any weeds from your garden, and clean-out gutters. Dry sticks and leaves can quickly build up after a blustery spring. These debris are flammable and important to remove from gutters prior to grilling.
  • Deck Duty. If your backyard features a deck, re-stain or pressure wash it prior to having company over this summer. Pressure washing is an easy way to remove dirt and grime buildup from the spring, including excess pollen.

When you have people over, entertain them with the following ideas:

  • Provide entertainment for the kids. If your friends or neighbors have young kids, have something set up for them to enjoy. Map-out a section of your lawn for outdoor sports like volleyball or badminton. If you’re limited on yard space, use an extra table to create a kid’s only hangout. Whether it’s an outdoor game or a designated play area, having something for the kids to do gives the grownups a chance to relax!
  • Present plenty of seating options. Some guests may prefer sitting in the sun, while others may like a place in the shade. Set-up groups of chairs in different areas across your yard to accommodate all of your guests’ preferences.
  • Choose a theme. Deciding on a theme will help you to choose the décor, and is a sure way to make your BBQ stand-out. For example, have a Fourth of July barbecue where guests have to come in red, white, or blue. Themes help pull people into the gathering and have a more enjoyable time!
  • Plan the menu accordingly. Once you figure out how many mouths you’ll have to feed, you can properly plan the types of food and drink you’ll need to serve. If you’re having burgers and hot dogs, serve them buffet style with condiments. If you’re having a sit down fish fry, you may want to plate everyone’s meals before serving. Remember to consider any dietary restrictions your guests may have.
  • Use plastic ware. Plastic or paper plates and plastic utensils can make having people over less of a chore. You can find plates and flatware in various colors and styles, making it easy to adhere to a theme. As your gathering comes to an end, you’ll be thankful for how easy the cleanup is.
  • Consider another power washing. After your guests have left, there may be dirt and grime stains on your deck and siding. The experts at Colorado Springs painters recommend a quick facelift with a high-power washing, leaving you with a clean slate for your next backyard bash.

Keep your backyard BBQ-ready all summer long with these hosting tips.