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Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Exterior

file0001793387639The exterior of your home is your guest’s first impression – why not make it a good one?

Power washing prevents damage that could arise from dirt, debris and mold growth. Mold can cause allergies to flare up and cause major damage to your home’s exterior over time. It will eat away at your paint, siding and roof. Dirt and debris caked on siding can mix with water and pool around windows, causing the window’s seal to weaken over time, paint to chip and wood to warp. Dirt and debris can also act as an abrasive substance to your siding, causing premature wear. By power washing your home, you can clean all the nasty buildup that accumulates from nature and ultimately extend the life of your siding.

Follow these simple steps to clean your home’s exterior:

  • Choose a day with little to no wind. Cover any delicate fixtures attached to the home as well as outdoor electrical outlets. Trim any plants that touch the side of the home – this is a prime spot for mold and mildew to grow.
  • Decide if you are going to rent or buy a pressure washer. Many home improvement stores rent out equipment look at what your local store has to offer. If you’re renting, don’t forget to ask a store associate how to operate the machine before you leave. Remember – if you have a two-story home, you might need a more powerful power washer.
  • Utilize the jet stream feature. Make sure you use the correct solution and spray on the side of your home on a low pressure setting from the bottom, working your way up.
  • Brush away any caked on dirt. Use the attachment the pressure washer comes with to scrape away excess dirt.

It is suggested you power wash your home once every two years. Cleaning the exterior of your home with a power washer will help restore it to its former glory and help prevent damage from mold, dirt and debris. For a professional look, contact the experts at CertaPro Painters of the South Shore.