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Buying Furniture- The Best Bang For Your Buck

Buying the perfect furniture on a budget can seem like an oxymoron, but it does not need to be. Instead, finding quality furniture that matches your wallet is easier than you think. While it may seem well-informed to buy from yard sales or thrift stores, inviting unwanted bed bugs into your home may not be a good bargain.

However, with proper advice about buying new furniture, you will have all the tips you need to make the right decisions about the cheap deals you find. The key to a successful budget furniture buy is knowing a few things about design and materials. These factors combined with the other criteria that you have for the furniture you want, such as the color or shape, are what gives you an edge.

Will this surface withstand my children?

Buying budget-friendly furniture is easy, but will you be adding long-term repair costs to that item? In other words, if you have small children or pets in the house, you might not be getting a good deal on a white couch. Moreover, budget furniture buyers with children should avoid items that have a veneer finish. Veneer is easy to scratch and difficult to mend. Veneer also has a habit of covering cheap particleboard.

What kinds of materials are high-quality?

Understanding what a piece of furniture is made of and how it is built will help you make the best long-term budget decisions. Cushions and upholstery aside, particleboard is generally the worst material that you can get for your furniture. It is comprised of chemicals that you may not want in your home, in addition to being easy to damage.

One other issue with particleboard is that it is next to impossible to drill. This means that repairing damaged areas of the furniture can be difficult to do without splitting the boards. The same idea applies to furniture made from laminate wood, plastic or cheap metals. Therefore, the best furniture will usually be made of heavy wrought iron or finished wood that has a glaze over the top of it.

Tips for buying cheap and sturdy furniture online

Figuring out if furniture is sturdy can be difficult to access if you are purchasing it online. In person, you can rock a table back and forth to see if the legs adhere properly to the tabletop. You can also easily test a chair that is right in front of you to see if the legs are even. Nevertheless, there are a few ways cover your bases when it comes to online purchases.

Mainly, look for customer reviews written specifically about a chair or desk that you are considering. The customer reviews can help you avoid wasting time on a potential bad purchase. Customer reviews will also point out any other issues with quality control the item might have. In addition, a store’s return policies and warranties can cover you in case you buy desks, tables, and chairs online that are not sturdy.

Altogether, buying the best new furniture that compliments your finances is easy. Once you have a few tips in your tool belt, most of the hard work is over. With proper searching and perseverance, you will have your home outfitted for less than market value in no time.

Eric Blair is a furniture builder and avid blogger. Eric recommends Superior Table Pad for those looking to protect their favorite tables from scratches, spills and more.