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Combating Small Spaces With Paint Color

GuestroomUnfortunately in the world of real estate, rent is going up while apartment sizes are shrinking. Sometimes it’s easy to feel stuffed into an apartment, especially if it’s cluttered. It may be difficult to alter the physical size of your place, but you can certainly give the illusion of an open, roomy, apartment with the following paint color suggestions!

  • Bright White. White is great for the walls of spaces in need of an open look. The color transforms a room into a fresh scene and makes it easier to decorate with any accent color. It is a great go-to if you are stuck on ideas. The color “Superwhite” by Sherman-Williams is a great off-white option!
  • Deep Hues. Some say that darker colors can make a room appear smaller, however painting your walls a dark colors such as “Regatta” by Sherman- Williams, which resembles a navy blue, will create a nice depth perception and draw attention away from where the walls meet, making a room appear bigger. This option is especially effective when used to color an accent wall. The dark hue will create a focal point in your apartment when only one wall is painted using a darker color, making the space appear seemingly larger.
  • Light and Vibrant. If dark colors aren’t for you, try going in the complete opposite direction with light or bright colors. Lighter, brighter colors are great for making apartments seem bigger because of their tendency to reflect light, diminishing the appearance of hard wall lines and giving an apartment that open effect. A light yellow such as Sherman-Williams “Lemon Twist”, brings the sunshine indoors and transforming the space. Citrus tones like this make a room feel light, airy and open.
  • Color Variations. Another way to make your apartment seem bigger is to make the walls monochromatic. This technique involves making each wall a varying shade of the same hue. Also, painting each wall a different color is a bold move, but it is sure to make your small space look like it is segmented into different areas, creating the illusion of a bigger apartment.
  • Natural Tones. Natural colors are a calming way to brighten and open up a room. Colors such as Sea Foam Green are perfect for small apartments because it is a relaxing earthy color that can be paired with many accent colors such as white, blue, and lavender. These colors work perfectly on accent walls or to color the entire space.

If you’re looking to make that small apartment seem bigger, change up the paint color for a spacious surprise!  All you need to do is choose a color that is right for you! For more information about choosing the right color for your space, reach out to the pros at CertaPro Painters of Bowie.