Creating A Festive Entryway

file0001126418351The holiday season is quickly approaching! This means more spending more time at home with friends and family. You may have already divided out the responsibilities of getting the house ready for the holidays, but have you considered what you’re going to do with your entryway? Create a warm and welcoming space to greet your guests with these festive tips!

  • Use the right floor protection. Keep your flooring in your entryway clean and dry with a welcome mat. Colorful floor mats with playful holiday designs also provide a place for guests to wipe their feet upon entering. If you prefer that your guests remove their shoes when they enter your home, provide a shelf or basket for them to store shoes in during their visit.
  • Pick a neutral color scheme. Chesapeake painters recommend using a warm, neutral tone in your foyer or entryway. This gives you the option to play with bolder colors in other areas of your home that the entryway is connected to, like a living room or kitchen. To add a holiday element, create an eye-catching wall display on top of this neutral color by grouping ornamental frames or mirrors covered with wrapping paper or tinsel.
  • Utilize landing spots. This provides a space for you (and your house guests) to store small items. For example, use a slim table in your entryway to store small items like keys, or hang hooks on the wall beside the door to store guest jackets and hats. Avoid cluttering this space with your junk – instead leave it open for guests to lay their belongings when they enter your home.
  • Create a festive focal point. Whether it’s a display of nutcrackers or a small holiday plant by the door, incorporate your favorite holiday elements into your entryway to make it as welcoming as possible. This allows you to showcase your personality.
  • Incorporate your staircase. The stairs are an element often ignored by homeowners. Use the staircase in your home to extend the entryway. Dress up the banisters with festive holiday trimmings like burlap or tree lights that will capture your guests attention and welcome them into your home.
  • Address the other senses. Your entryway should give your guests something to see when they enter your home, but don’t forget the other senses when you consider your entryway decor. Use scented candles or holiday greenery to spruce up the festive atmosphere of your entryway.

Creating a warm and inviting Most importantly, have fun when you’re decorating your entryway this holiday season!