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Creating A Unique Backyard This Summer

deck_one-255x191Most of the summer months are spent outdoors in backyards. Create a unique backyard space by incorporating these outdoor elements into your décor.

  • Deck Stain – Deck stain is offered in a variety of colors, and can be used to polish an existing deck space. Blue deck stain has become extremely popular, creates a modern look. Use a deep shade of red if your home’s exterior is made of brick. If you want to maintain the organic look of your wooden deck, semi-transparent stains work best. These types of stains show the wood grain in its most natural form and provide a gloss to the surface. Conversely, if you want to completely hide any damage to the wood, a solid stain will provide the coverage you need. The professionals at CertaPro Painters of Chester County can help you choose a unique deck stain that will work best with your home’s exterior.
  • Fire Pits– Stand out from other homeowners by including a fire pit in your backyard decor. Fire pits create a central statement piece, and provide an area for friends and family to gather and share time together. A fire pit provides a great place for the younger members of your family to roast marshmallows, and the perfect place for friends to gather around and share cocktails. Whether you choose to create a stone fire pit on your own or install a pre-fabricated metal one, incorporating a fire pit into your backyard adds a beautifully unique element to your décor.
  • Furniture Rid your yard of any weathered or broken furniture. Invest in patio sets, chaise lounges, and deck chairs that are made of durable materials like metal, wicker, or synthetic wood. These materials will not rust or fade over time, and you will not have to replace your furniture as frequently as you would if it was made of plastic. Outdoor furniture is offered in a number of colors, and can easily be matched to your deck stain. Incorporate decorative seat cushions or a bright umbrella to set your patio set up apart.
  • Plants You backyard is the perfect place to create your own natural masterpiece through gardening. If you have a favorite type of flower, create a garden space dedicated to those, and surround them with various types of decorative grasses. Try planting unique flowers that will get a conversation started like Globe Thistles or Chicory Flowers. You can also hang baskets of flowers from your porch covering or awning, as well as disperse planters around corners of your deck or yard.
  • Weather-proof Art – Adding elegant, weather-proof installments to your backyard can create a unique space that your guests will enjoy spending time in. Find art that is designed to withstand weathering, and incorporate these elements into your backyard. Use a metal sculpture as a centerpiece to a fountain or garden area. If you are into DIY projects, try nailing strips of wood together and painting them with a unique design. This artwork will be unique to your home and act as a conversation starter throughout the summer.

Your backyard area is simply an extension of your home, so create a beautiful setting for you and your loved ones to enjoy all summer long with these unique design tips.