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Too Darn Many Pillows: What’s Appropriate For Decorating?

2661869706_1c8492d551_bComfy, cuddly and useful, pillows remain an incredibly popular option for interior decorating. Unfortunately, a number of users go overboard when it comes to pillows, taking an otherwise snuggly bedroom item and creating a mountain capable of terrifying visitors.

It begins innocently enough, with the offending homeowner deciding that one or two new pillows would make for a fun addition to the decorating scheme, but somewhere or other, turns into a feather-filled nightmare. If you’re struggling to maintain some sanity in your pillow crazy household, you’ll want to try a few of these hints to get your overly-fluffy home under control:

Stick To A Color Scheme

Even if you only own a few pillows, your collection can quickly become overwhelming to the eye if you fail to follow some sort of color scheme. Ideally, you’ll base the colors of your pillows on the wallpaper, paint, carpet or curtain colors. However, if all these elements already share the same color, it may be worth your while to take a different approach, choosing a common hue for the pillows that will make them pop. For example, if nearly everything else in the room is blue, a couple of bright red pillows may make for a nice touch. Either way, your best bit is keeping it simple; the more colors and patterns you include, the better chance your pillows and other home decor has of clashing. Two or three colors work best for adding interest to the pillow collection without every overwhelming the viewer.

Find The Perfect Solid To Pattern Ratio

If you’re interested in incorporating patterns into your pillow design but wary over going over the top, follow the rule of one or two solid colored pillows for every patterned variety. One of the colors on the patterned version should match the main color displayed on the solid pillows. Once you’ve achieved this perfect ratio, be sure to set the pillows in an every-other type of lineup; in other words, one solid followed by one patterned pillow, and so on.This approach will allow you to include a greater number of pillows in your setup without seeming ever excessive.

Invest In Reasonable Storage Solutions

It’s nice to have extra pillows on hand, but if they’re not being used, it’s pointless to have them out and in the way. Instead, consider investing in some type of storage for the pillows your aren’t using. Look for a storage solution that can double as a decorative accent; for example, a set of wicker baskets will look nice on its own, but also can serve a purpose as a means of storage for your extra pillows. If you have pillows you only use once each year (holiday-themed pillows, for example), you may be better off utilizing some sort of backup storage, such as Tupperware containers kept in the attic or basement.

It’s tempting to cram your bedroom or living room with as many pillows as possible, but truth is, if you take the right approach for pillow design, you can get away with displaying a reasonably large collection. Strive to keep it under five pillows per major piece of furniture — and to follow a clear color or pattern scheme.

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