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Decorating a Cape Cod Home



What better way to celebrate Cape Cod than to bring a little bit of the cape indoors! Decorating your home to be a fun and relaxing place is easy to do with simple styles that will transform your space. These decorating tips will help you achieve the perfect Cape Cod home look.

  • The perfect wall color: Painting the walls in your home is the best way to go. You’ll want that open and airy feel to create a relaxing environment. What better way to capture the essence of Cape Cod than to use light blues and greens to reflect the waters of the cape. If you’re leaning more towards a nautical theme in your home, try going with navy blue and red. If you’re unsure of color, the color specialists at CertaPro Painters of Cape Cod can help you choose one that’s right for the space you are decorating.
  • Themed décor: To keep with the Cape Code theme, adding small touches such as seashells, starfish, anchors and other whimsical décor pieces will give your home the classic cape house feel. Try going for a nautical print to hang as cute wall décor.
  • Create and open up the space: Lay out furniture so that the room flows and has an open and relaxing atmosphere. For instance, in a family room, have the seating positioned on their own perimeter instead of up against walls. This will take away the definition of the room dimension and make your space feel more welcoming and less awkward.
  • Keep it light: When it comes to your kitchen; keep the colors light for a great shore house feel. Consider decorating your kitchen with non-traditional cabinet colors. Crème colored cabinets make are a nice touch because they fit in with the open and relaxed look. The best part is that you can easily transform your current cabinets by painting them your desired color for the look you’re trying to achieve.
  • Incorporate found objects: Displaying shells and other natural objects found at the cape adds a nice touch to your home. Sea glass and drift wood can even be turned into useful items for your home. It is quite literally bringing a piece of the cape indoors which is the overall theme. Another great idea for bringing a part of the cape into your home is displaying old photos from your childhood memories. This is a great option if you’re looking to liven up your wall space!
  • Include fun prints: When it comes to chair cushions or table clothes and even bedspreads, solid fabrics can be boring. A nice touch to your Cape Cod home is to add prints that tie into your theme. For instance, a light blue color with white anchors would be the perfect fabric print for a dining room chair cushion. It gives your home a playful look which is ultimately more inviting and relaxing than deep solid colors.

When it comes to decorating your Cape Cod home, keep these tips in mind to achieve the best look.