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Decorating to Inspire

admin-ajaxEverybody wants to decorate their home in a way that inspires them and their loved ones to succeed and have a great quality of life. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all answer to this question! However, there are rules that you can follow to get yourself on the right track for decorating success. Here are some tips to follow when deciding how to decorate your home.

Choose a paint that inspires. Paint can evoke different feelings and sensations to different people. However, society has accepted certain shades as representing certain moods. For instance, shades of red tend to represent hot things. From the perspective of mood, red gives a feeling of angst, anger, or aggression. In contrast, blue represents the opposite, symbolizing cold things like water. Shades of blue are thought to be more soothing, calm, and relaxing. CertaPro Painters of Newark can help you choose the right color and offer professional advice to make sure your room is decorated to inspire.

Once you have the right color picked out, make sure the lighting and interior design follow the mood and theme you are going for.

Make smart furniture choices. This is especially important when it comes to large purchases. Choose furniture that can easily fit into a number of room design styles. This will benefit you in the long run because you can play around with the design, and do not have to commit to one certain paint color. In addition, take the amount of space you have into account. Make sure that your furniture isn’t too messy or too sparse for the design you are going for.

Choose interior design that fits you. Don’t forget to take your own tastes and interests into account. Showcasing your personality through design is ultimately what will inspire. Incorporate small pictures or knick-knacks into your home décor that will conjure up happy memories or express a bit of yourself. For practical reasons, your lifestyle should also be taken into account when it comes to designing your home. Certain designs or color schemes should be avoided. For instance, if you have kids, going with an all white theme probably isn’t in your best interest!

Pay attention to architecture. Stick to a style that goes with the physical construction of your home and makes you feel comfortable. Make sure your statement furniture goes with the architecture and culture surrounded by the house. All the other accents you buy should go along with this theme. How architecture is treated and decorated determines the statement that is being made. Keep in mind that although your architecture may make a certain statement, how you paint and decorate your house is really what sets the tone for an inspiring home.

Decorating to inspire (whether picking a certain paint color, interior design, or deciding on the theme of your home) takes a combination of personal taste mixed with traditional design elements. Get to know your design passions and discover how to channel those passions into your home’s interior décor!