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Different Ways To Use Your Ottoman

poufThe ottoman is the ultimate multi-purpose home furniture. Though traditionally used as footrests since the Middle Ages, ottomans have received a special place in modern home furnishings. The fact that this piece of furniture can double up as a footrest, bed table, and coffee table and storage box makes it very versatile indeed. It is one of the favorite decorative, functional home pieces of leading interior decorators worldwide. While people prefer to use ottomans in various ways, here is a list of the top three uses of this classic piece of home décor.

Create more sitting space: For people who have space constraints in a small apartment, the ottoman is a savior in disguise. While it usually acts as a bed and coffee stand or a table to keep magazines and other such stationery, when the guests arrive, it can easily be used as additional seating. Ottomans are light weight and easy to carry, therefore makes an attractive choice for home decor. You can easily carry the ottoman to any part of the house when needed, and when not in use, it can be conveniently tucked away.

Secret storage: Ottomans are generally hollow inside and provide an additional compartment in which you can store things like blankets, cushions and magazines. When people lounge about in the living room or kids turn it into their daily playground, they leave their usual trail of mess and clutter behind. If you are in a hurry, you can promptly stuff the items lying around like books, blankets, toys and other items into the ottoman.

Add visual appeal: Ottomans come in a variety of shapes and textured fabrics and hence, can be used to enhance the visual appeal of any room. They are dynamic and can be used to harmonize with any color palette. Ottomans make conversational spaces in the house like the living room or study. They can be combined with wooden or iron furniture for an unconventional look. They can also be used as the centerpiece in a room, with other furniture being set around it. Ottomans in bold colors and shapes can add a touch of uniqueness to the room décor by providing contrasts.

Multi-uses: These dynamic footstools can be used in a variety of ways in the living room. Adjust the ottoman at the centre of the room and surround it with floor cushions, and it becomes the perfect lounging space. Ottomans can be simultaneously used as seats and table tops. You can arrange a big ornamental vase on a large, square ottoman and revel in difference it creates to the room. You can also arrange a series of small ottomans in different shapes in the living room to create a dramatic and modern effect.

The matter of fact is that ottomans are here to stay. Besides being stylish and having multiple uses, these versatile pieces of furniture are durable and affordable at the same time. Ottomans and stylish chairs are an awesome combination to reorganize your home decor and add a modern twist to it.

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