Fall 2014 Decorating Trends

DSCN1950When it comes to home decorating, are you looking for a way to stand out from the norm? Update your home’s interior this fall with these trending decorating styles.

Interchangeable Accents: Start with a neutral base for the wall color so you’ll be able to add color and texture throughout the rest of your décor. Mixing textures and patterns has become a major trend, so get creative with your throw rugs, throw pillows, and window treatments. This makes it easy to update your accessories as the seasons change, too – as easy as swapping out pillows or changing the curtains around!

Drama In Color: Paint color is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to update your home’s interior design. Stay on trend with the use of deep, dark colors on your walls. Trendy deep colors have included navy blue, eggplant, and dusky shades of black. To find the right hue for the space, don’t forget to consider aspects like sources of natural light, artificial lighting, and the overall layout of the room. Also consider your personality when deciding on a color. Consult CertaPro Painters of Jupiter for more rich color selections and suggestions. A color specialist can also help you decide whether covering your walls in a rich, dark color or simply covering one wall as an accent wall is right for you.

Vintage Treasures: Incorporating vintage statement pieces throughout your home decorating can be an easy way to create a trendy home. You can find vintage treasures for great prices by keeping an eye out at yard sales and antique shops. Whatever piece you find, from a large piece of furniture to a decorative lamp, you will have a one of a kind piece to add to your home. Even if the items you find aren’t exactly the right fit for a certain room, it is easy to update vintage pieces as a DIY project and allows you the classiness of an antique piece of furniture with a touch of modern trend.

Floral Patterns: A huge trend in the way of fabric and upholstery is floral prints. From throw pillows, to window treatments, to wallpaper, the use of floral can be found in almost every home decorating publication. If you’re choosing to take the subtle route, frame a few photos of gorgeous floral prints and set them on side tables. If you’re looking to go bold, use a floral upholstered couch as a centerpiece in your living room, or a bright floral bedspread in your guest room. Get creative with the use of floral patterns in your trendy home décor!

Metallic Accessories: Metallic pieces have become extremely popular in home décor, particularly in the accessory realm. Gold is particularly popular and can make even the most obscure accent pieces trendy and interesting. It’s simple to incorporate gold into your décor, whether you use a gold chair, photo frame, or painted figurines throughout your home. Bronze and silver accessories are also trending. Consider your other décor, including wall color and furniture pieces, before accessorizing with metallic.

Keep your home current with these interior decorating trends!