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Get Your Patio Ready For A Backyard BBQ

Brown-Crab-Orchard-Ashlar-Columns-Grill-Patio-Steel-Spiral-StairsSummer barbecues and sunny weather get-togethers are just around the corner. Is your yard ready to be the venue for the season’s outdoor parties? Here are some pointers for getting your backyard in tip-top shape for hosting a barbecue to remember.

Lawn Maintenance

No matter how big your patio is, barbecue guests will still find their way to the lawn, or at least be looking at it during the party. So, it’s a good idea to have your lawn looking its best for the barbecue. The first step to getting your lawn party-ready is to get rid of any weeds. Some people start weeding up to two weeks before a barbecue, so that they can be sure that their grass will have time to grow and fill in all the empty spaces.

It’s important to remember not to water your lawn for a few days before the party. If you water your lawn too close to the day of the barbecue, it will be soggy & uncomfortable for sitting, playing games, or walking with bare feet and sandals. Also, consider whether you want shorter or longer grass for the barbecue. Longer grass is more resilient to the extra foot traffic during a party, but a lot of people prefer the look of a short, manicured lawn.

Your Patio

Your patio or back deck will be the place where everyone gathers during the barbecue, so it’s important that the space looks attractive and inviting. Make sure that you have enough patio seating for everyone at the party, and enough surfaces for everyone to put down their drinks and plates as they socialize. For outdoor parties, you should space out your outdoor furniture so that there’s plenty of space for your guests to spread out and for the kids to run through. If your patio is uncovered, it’s a good idea to use shade umbrellas or a tent to help you and your guests beat the heat and avoid sunburns.

Once the sun goes down, it’s time to light up that fire pit! Let’s be honest – making s’mores never gets old. Having s’mores is a no-muss, interactive way to provide dessert for your barbecue guests. The fire pit setting is an intimate and fun way to wrap up a summer barbecue.

Lighting & Flooring

It’s easy to forget details such as lighting and flooring when designing a patio. Embedded lights or border lights on pathways will add softer, more ambient lighting while also preventing falls and scrapes. Also, there’s nothing wrong with the classic tiki torch lighting for patio decoration. Depending on the climate where you live, solar lighting could be a cost-effective and earth-friendly option. Solar lights can store up the sun’s energy throughout the day so they will even shine at night!

As far as flooring goes, you want something weather-resistant. You’ll also want patio flooring that is slip-resistant if you have a pool and there will be wet feet running back and forth on the patio. If you live in a temperate climate, hardwood flooring for the patio is an option, but this flooring type is not very weather-resistant unless it is sealed properly.  Other popular options include stone and tile flooring, because they are durable and they can add a pop of color depending on what style you get.

With all of these patio preparation and makeover tips, your backyard will be a hot spot for summer barbecues!

Lenny Cravits writes about interior design, interior decorating, & home improvement.