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Go Wild With Exotic Interior Decorating

11_0002 African Mahogany-Bronze [recreation room]Do you want your house to look like you’ve picked up all of your decorations and furnishings from trips around the world, without having to spend all of the money actually traveling? You can do it! There are many more wallet-friendly options for you so you can achieve that exotic, world-traveler look in your home. The following are some tips for achieving a worldly look in your home.


The type and color of furniture you choose for your exotic interior décor depends on which foreign region you are trying to emulate in your home. For a more Moroccan or Mediterranean feel, you should go with darker wood furniture. On the other hand, if you are trying to achieve a Polynesian, tropical look, lighter or reddish woods are a better choice. Moroccan-style furniture is usually very heavy and dense. Tropical-style furniture is lighter and often includes basket weave patterns. Another good idea for achieving a Mediterranean look is to consider buying a chaise lounge or fainting couch. These pieces of furniture – especially when upholstered with a light blue or red fabric – are characteristic of Mediterranean style.


Exotic décor is usually very ornate and detailed. There is a lot of scrollwork, small patterns, and intricate basket weave involved in exotic or foreign style. For a Moroccan or Mediterranean look, delicately patterned light fixtures in bold colors and intricately designed wooden carvings or cutouts are a good choice. Detail is everything when it comes to achieving a Mediterranean style. It’s tough to do animal prints tastefully, but if you want an African look in your home you can incorporate splashes of exotic animal print with throw pillows, an area rug, or some wall art.

Walls & Floors

As for walls, Mediterranean interior décor calls for lots of tapestries and wall hangings. Hanging wooden carvings and mirrors with scrollwork frames are also indicative of Mediterranean style. For all types of exotic décor, I suggest hanging wall shelving units and filling them with lots of plants and greenery. So much of exotic decorating goes along with nature and foreign plants, so having a lot of mini palms and cacti around is a plus. Another option for achieving a Mediterranean or European look in your home is to include a tile mosaic in your kitchen or bathroom backsplashes, or just as a wall art piece. Tile mosaics with bold patterns are very common in the Mediterranean and Western Europe.

It is relatively easy to find exotic flooring for your home. Lots of hardwood flooring is imported from foreign places such as Africa, South America, South East Asia, and South America. These exotic hardwoods come in a wide range of colors, including red, black, and even yellow. You could also opt for bamboo flooring with your exotic décor; it is both attractive and sustainable! Ask your local flooring specialists – like Floor Coverings International – what sorts of exotic hardwood and bamboo flooring options they have available.

With all of these pointers for achieving a worldlier look in your home, you’re sure to find some exotic inspiration that fits your specific needs.

Lenny Cravits writes about home improvement, interior design, and interior decorating. He enjoys writing about both classic styles & the latest trends in home design and decor.