Home Improvement

Improvements To Make Before Selling Your Home

Graphic Stock modern-bathroom_zyv_sDtuIn the world of real estate, spring is the time to sell. If you are about to list your house on the market, you may be considering investing in a few renovations as it can increase home value.

Wondering which home improvements will bring in the most profit? Discover which remodels will give you the most return-on-investment.

  • Your home’s curb appeal is the first feature potential buyers notice before even setting foot in the house. Spend time maintaining your yard. Pick up any fallen branches, plucking weeds, and removing trash that may have blown into your yard. If your lawn is in serious need of a makeover, use a weed-killer and scatter grass seed to bring it back to life.
  • Garage Door. Just like the landscape, a visibly-worn garage door can deter potential buyers from even giving your home a chance. Replacing your garage door costs about a couple thousand dollars, but that includes installation. Choose one that fits your home’s exterior esthetic. Ditching an old garage door will boost a healthy return on investment when you decide to sell.
  • While a major remodel can cost you a pretty penny, there are inexpensive updates you can make to a kitchen on any budget. If you are only working with a few hundred dollars, replace the faucet set, update older lighting fixtures, and replace cabinet door handles. If you have a slightly higher budget, look into hiring professionals to reface your kitchen cabinets or painting the walls. Expert Houston painters recommend neutral colors for kitchens, leaving you with more freedom to play with hardware and decorative accessories.
  • Like the kitchen, major bathroom remodels can be a bit costly. Luckily, a minor bathroom remodel will still help you out by increasing your home’s value. If your cabinets aren’t too outdated and just need a bit of a facelift, stain to the surface and replace the faucet. Revive your bathtub and any grout-filled shower tiles with a tub of caulk and a caulking gun. Clean the bathroom from top to bottom prior to showing your home to potential buyers to eliminate odors.

Home remodeling may seem like it costs a lot of money and effort, it can make a tremendous difference in the offers that you receive from buyers. Choose the renovations that consumers are genuinely interested in, like the ones mentioned, and you’re guaranteed to see a return on investment.